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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

6 ways to deal with rejection.

Hey readers,

Sometimes I just want to throw the towel in because I feel like a pile of shit. I am particularly venerable in feeling down because my confidence is at rock bottom.

 It can be really mentally draining when you are rejected all the time, it can be so disheartened especially when you have so much hope in that one thing.  So, how do you overcome rejection, well here my tops to cope with such a horrible feeling?

1. Cry.

 First of it is ok to grieve in a sense and have a  good old cry. I feel it is good to mope for a short period as it gives you more time to come round to the decision.

2. It will pass.

Reminding yourself that this feeling will pass and it will get better.

3. Distraction.

 A great way to try not to pay all your attention to the feelings of rejection is to keep yourself distracted. This will make you not feed into the downward spiral of a downer instead you can do something practical and deal with the feelings at a later date when you are calmer.

4. Acceptance.

Accepting the rejection and moving on. It may help to acknowledge that you are not the only person in the world to have experienced rejection. At some point in life, everyone will experience rejection even the most successful people can't run away from it either.

5. Think of the positives.

 Rejection may be a good thing for you. For example, if you attended a job interview you could ask the interviewer the reasons behind their decision to not employ you. This could potentially help you learn and help make changes to improve if needed.

6. Appreciation.

 Finally, I feel it is important to praise yourself as it is an indication that you are living your life and taking that risk by putting yourself out there.  It takes courage to put yourself in a venerable situation so take time to appreciate the work you have achieved.

What ways help you deal with rejection? how do you deal with rejection? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 8 June 2020

7 ways to be happy everyday.

Hey readers,

Sometimes we can forget to find the joy in the simplest of things and life can drag us down.

 But we can do something about that and gain some control back. I have got seven ways that aren't difficult to help find happiness in ordinary stuff. I hope you find this helpful.

1. Time out.

Take the time out of your day to do something that you love doing, whether it be listening to music, reading whatever it is do it make some time to do it! Even if it is just for ten minutes a day it will be worth it in the long term for your wellbeing because you are doing something for you and giving you some time for self-care.

2. Write it down.

 A good habit to take up is to write down something that you are thankful for each day. It doesn't have too big it could be as simple as hearing the birds. This is a way to train your brain to look at the positives in your life and appreciate the small things in life that you have access too. 

3. Outdoors.

Take yourself outside and connect with nature. Go for a walk and just be, take time to notice the environment that you are, look at the different flowers or trees, look up at the sky because we live in a beautiful world and it has a lot to offer.

4. Laugh.

As the saying goes laughter is the best medicine. Laughing produces chemicals in the brain to make you feel good naturally and laughing is also brilliant at offering healing properties as well.

5. Time out.

Take some time out of your day to be mindful and present. All you need to do is it and be and just stop with the business of the world.

 The world goes by so fast that you may miss out and just sitting and slowing down can really be beneficial to your health.

6. Kindness.

Do something for someone else and spread happiness on. Some suggestions are making a hot drink, taking time to listen to the person and what they are saying.

7. Positives.

Write down your feelings and work out how you can help reduce the negative and increase the positive. This allows you to understand and think about how you feel. 

It also gives you some control because you're acting on how your feeling and finding solutions to some problems if you can. 

Have I missed any techniques to help make you feel happy every day? What do you do that helps you find happiness? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 29 May 2020

Periods after pregnancy.

Hey readers,

I am on my period and it sucks physically and mentally every single month. It feels like hell! I know it is like this for a lot of women.

 However, since I gave birth something happened to my biology I think. I have noticed that post-postnatal changes have occurred and one thing that has happened is changing in my periods which has impacted me emotionally each month when I have my period.

I feel like it is a battle mentally. I am washed with dread a few days before my period arrives. I am terrified and on edge. I feel like I am literally on eggshells, I break down at the slightest thing. I feel fragile and terrified.

 My adrenalin is so high and I can't sleep which doesn't add to the mix because we all know lack of sleep can cause you to be irritable.

I am raging and want someone to give me concrete answers to such grey questions. I feel like I will always be like this and I get so angry because I want to run away from myself but I am stuck with me. 

I hate it and I get so jealous of the husband who is so carefree and relaxed. I hate anxiety, the way it torments me and makes my thoughts go into a fast racing mode. Why do I have to be like this, every fucking month?

 I hate it and I feel rubbish. I am non-stop shaking inside and out. I know the mood swings have gotten worse since I entered motherhood. Every month I am like this, there are times when I wish I could just rip out of my womb!

If the emotional side of having a period was enough to deal with there is the pain that comes along with it too and again it is considerably worse. Before my first pregnancy, I would suffer mild cramps that I could manage with some paracetamol.

 Now, I want to cry from the pain in my stomach. I feel like someone has punched me in the vagina and every time I have a poo it reminds me of being in labour and pushing out a baby. 

I can't lift my sons up as my back during the time of the month is so achy and feels like I have spent all day bending over when in reality I have done sod all.

I just needed to rant as I have had these for years and it sucks being female sometimes.

Have you experienced differences after giving birth in terms of changes associated with your period? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 6 April 2020

6 ways to keep sane during a lockdown.

Hey readers,

We are in the mists of the Corona Virus outbreak impacting on everyone's life resulting in having to spend more time at home. 

But it can be tough especially when the boredom kicks in so here are my top 6 tips on how to keep sane during the lockdown.

1. Walk.

As the government have stated it is ok to go out once a day for a walk or bike ride. 

Fresh air can do the world of good (just make sure that you keep your 2 metres distance from people and avoid busy areas). 

Not only does this help with physical health but mental health too which is equally as important. When going outside it can help to break up the scenery of the day so you're not stuck 24 hours inside the four walls.

2. Exercise.

Exercise is so good for you, it can relief frustration and increase the number of positive hormones being secreted such as serotonin (associated with happiness) and reduce negative ones like cortisol (which relates to stress).

There are so many choices online via Youtube and virtual gyms that you don’t have to feel stuck in what you do. 

You don’t even have to do gym type exercise there are kitchen discos you can join in via Tic Tok or take part in Yoga.

Of course, if you have children you can join in with PE with Joe Wicks. 

Therefore as you can still load of positive ways to incorporate exercise in the home.

3. Organisation.

Now is a great opportunity with the spare time on your hands to sort out your home and put some organisation whether it is cleaning out your make draw or sorting out the kitchen this time is fantastic to get stuff done.

4. Reach out.

Just because we are self-isolating doesn't mean you have to stop all forms of communication.

 We are blessed with technology with the likes of House Party, Face Time and What's App to name a few where you can still speak to people at a distance.

Some people set up groups where you can hold a virtual book group for instance with friends. Where you can get time to read and connect with others with what you have read. 

This can make you feel less isolated and get social contact all within your home.

5. Escapism.

Dig into a boxset whether it is a comedy or a thriller say take that time out. 

This is the time to enjoy something on the box that takes your mind of the current situation we are living in at the moment for a while.

It is good to have a rest and watch something that gives you enjoyment.

6. News.

Don’t focus on the news 24/7 because that will send you quackers. Setting a certain amount of time watching the news such as the 6pm news headlines or the daily conference the government holds. Putting up barriers on how much news coverage will help keep you sane.

I know these times are scary and there is a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment. However, like always the press love to scaremonger and with how big Corona Virus is they are going to use that a lot in the media.

 Yes, it is serious but you can’t just sit in the corner scared, use common sense and protect both your physical and mental health.

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 1 December 2019

4 reasons why you should get vaccines.

Hey readers,

I know some people object to giving their child vaccinations for several reasons, a couple that spring to mind is not inflicting pain on the child or giving them drugs. 

However, vaccinations are so important in helping to keep children protected and healthy from infectious diseases.

 If I had the powers I would make children's vaccinations mandatory for all children. If you're wondering why then carry on reading below as I give my reasons. 

How do vaccines work? 

Vaccines teach your immune system how to create antibodies that protect you from diseases. It's much safer for your immune system to learn this through vaccination than by catching diseases and treating them.

Once your immune system knows to fight a disease, it can often protect you for many years - (citied NHS, 2019).

1. Saves lives.

Vaccinations help save a child's life from protecting them from diseases such as smallpox, tetanus and polio that once made children very ill or even sadly kill them. Nowadays such diseases are gone or they are very rare for people to get.

Other diseases such as measles and diphtheri have been reduced by 99.9% since the introduction of vaccines. 

The only downfall is that if people stop using vaccines the likelihood of the above diseases will come back and spread quickly again. 

2. Safe.

Vaccines are safe for children as they have to spend a lot of medical research making sure that the vaccines do the job and don't cause harm. The testing for vaccines has taken many years to go through and check the safety of them.

With regards to pain, of course, there is a little bit of discomfort in giving a child when first injecting them but it surely is worth that over the child contracting a serious illness that will be significantly worse for them.

Yes in some cases that some children have allergic reactions but that is very rare. The statistics of children not getting diseases is higher than the side effects of reaching a vaccine.

Some people think that in the vaccine themselves contain mercury but this simply is not true. Yes, there are some ingredients that can cause harm but it so small that it will not affect you by having the vaccines. If you are unsure about anything then the best bet is to speak to your doctor as they are medically trained and can answer any of your uncertainties. 

3. Cost.

Vaccines are cost-effective in the fact that it is cheaper to prevent a person from getting diseases as opposed to treating someone with a disease. Plus the more people who get vaccines could potentially radicate a disease due to not being able to spread amongst people.

4. Community.

The more children getting vaccines not only protect the child themselves but also the community because they are not spreading any diseases which are especially important for people who can not get vaccines themselves.

Vaccines have saved up to 3 billion deaths worldwide every year. 

What do you think about vaccines? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 29 September 2019

How to cope with insomnia.

Hey readers,

I have suffered from insomnia on and off my life to have had some ways that have really helped me and I thought I would share with you. You may find them helpful, obviously, everyone is different.


One of the most obvious things to do is cut back on caffeine as that is a stimulant and that will keep you more alert. I recommend not having things like tea or coffee an hour before you go to bed as this can help slow down the mind and help you get you in a relaxed mood.

Cold bedroom.

A cold bedroom is recommended as your body needs to drop below your core temperature to help initiate sleep. It is much easier to get to sleep when it is cooler because your body eventually will warm up. I have always found this really helpful to do. I sometimes open the window half an hour before to get that breeze going through.

Write down how you are feeling.

With insomnia, there could be a psychological reason why you are struggling to sleep. I find writing down your thoughts in a constructive way to help as writing it down is concrete rather than festering and going round and round in your brain. When you wrote down I feel a release and it really does help reduce anxiety, I might not have a cure but seeing it on paper makes me feel less stressed.

Watch something relaxing.

I find if I watch something serious or scary then that can trigger thoughts and cause me to have a restless sleep. I now much prefer to watch something light-hearted and preferably something to do with comedy as laughing is good for the soul and it helps you relax too.


Leave your electronics in another room because they are a devil a keeping you wide awake and alert. Plus it is difficult especially late at night on eBay *ahem*. It is better to read a book in bed if you feel the need to do something (not an e-reader).


Having a soak in the bath is a good way to relax and get you in a sleepy frame of mind. It allows you to soak your muscles.


Doing exercise is a great way of getting rid of any frustration and can help make you feel sleepy by all the physical working out you do.

Avoid naps.

Now having naps during the day is glorious. However, if it becomes a habit then it can really affect your sleeping pattern and could stop you from drifting off easy when it comes to bedtime. It is best if you can avoid naps as it really makes you want to sleep when it comes round to going to bed.

Get up.

if you can't sleep get up because there is no point just lying around waiting to go back to sleep when we all know it is not going to happen. It is more practical to come back to bed when you are feeling more sleepy. They do stay clear of the electronic devices.


Now if you feel that you do have a long-term problem and it is affecting your life then your best option is to go to speak to the doctors as they are the professionals and they can help you on a medical term.

Cheers for reading X

Thursday, 9 May 2019

16 thoughts whilst on my period

Hey readers,

Today I am going to talk about periods and that thought that occurs when I am going through the dreading menstruation. Some people may think this is a bit too much information but at the end of the day, it is so important to talk about periods to help period taboos.

So, what kind of thoughts do I have when I am on my period.....

1. Everything is annoying me, even the bloody kettle that leaks are getting right on my nerves right now. 

2. I hate my husband, absolutely 100% because he doesn't have the pleasure of having to deal with a period every sodding month.

3. I am hungry, from the moment I wake till I sleep I can not stop thinking about food and eating. 

4. I feel like someone is stabbing me in the stomach or kicking me as the cramps are taking over and I hate life. 

5. Why do they say periods last 5 days, this is a joke because mine don't and maybe Mother Nature hares so much she tortures me with a prolonged period time. 

6. Right now I am so full of emotions, one minute I am happy and then the next I am having a full-on breakdown because of the anxiety and fear that comes with having a period. 

7. I am definitely not wearing white because that is too dame risky.

8. Got to reach in the bottom of the draw for my 'period pants', all black, big and comfy around the waist.

9. I am out and randomly my period has arrived is it alright too makeshift and use toilet tissue for a pad? 

10. I think I am dying because there is no other way to explain this pain right now. 

11. If I sneeze whilst on my period that is a risk attached and probably best not to do in public unless you want it to look like a murder scene. 

12. I have eaten this tub of ice cream which is acceptable since I am on my period. I now have dealt and think I may become ever fattier and my life is destroyed by one single action. 

13. I wish I could live my bed for the next few days with my heated blanket on to deal with cramp pains and killing two birds with one stone by hiding away from the world because everyone annoys the hell out of me. 

14. Chocolate should be mandatory with sanitary wear just because it is helpful for when you are on your period, fact. 

15.  Why do men think they understand periods? you don't know the half of it so does all a favour with your advice f*ck off with it. 

16. When I start my period it comes to the realisation of why things happened recently and has enlightened me since being on my period. 

Have you experienced any of these period related thoughts? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday, 11 March 2019

Reasons to have a Fitbit.

Hey readers,

You probably have heard of a Fitbit but if you haven't then a Fitbit is basically a digital step counter. 

However, there are more additions to the Fitbit such as tracking your sleep, encourage you do more exercise and on the app, you can keep a  record of how you have been doing over a long period of time.

Why should you have a Fitbit? 

1. Track.

Wearing a Fitbit all day means you can monitor how many steps you are doing and because you can visually see the number it is a great motivator to keep on stepping on. 
Since buying a Fitbit I have increased my step count each day because I can visually see it and it spurs me to keep ongoing.

2. Competition. 

A fun element of owning a Fitbit is that on the app you can invite friends to encourage you and compete with one another to be the one to have the most steps that day.

Alongside using the Fitbit as a step counter you can gain badges when you reach certain milestones. An example of this would be the urban boot badge where once you have reached the first 5000 steps you will be rewarded.

In total there are over 100 badges that you can achieve. The difficulty varies from the start where it is fairly easy right too the really difficult ones such as climbing the 700 stairs in a day. 
In psychology, it is said that it is much better to start off with goals that are small, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a target. If you start off small you grew in confidence and it will over longer period give you the stamina to stick out the exercise regularly.

You can also show the badges you have earned on social media for friends to see. Which again is a  great motivator to keep going as you can physically see the achievements have occurred whilst using a Fitbit. 

3. Customer Service. 

When reviewing Fitbit online and reading peoples experience of owning a Fitbit and dealing with customer service overall it has been positive. Fitbit is very responsive and helpful if you have a problem with your Fitbit.

4. Water-resistant. 

All Fitbits are water-resistant in the sense that they are rainproof and splash-proof and can deal with a sweaty workout if you so wish. Bear in mind though they don't recommend showering, swimming or washing up. But don't worry because it is easy to put the Fitbit on and off. 

5. Fun. 

I personally think Fitbit is fun with the graphs, the buzz when you have achieved 10,000 in the day and the badges. There are even realistic workouts that can easily do in 10 minutes to help build up your fitness level on the Fitbit app, and yes doing exercise does get recorded. Generally, you feel good when you see the results and it is tangible so it is much real to believe. 

I definitely would recommend a Fitbit if you want to get motivated and feel inspired to exercise. You don't even have to buy a brand spanking new, Fitbit. I picked up a fab Fitbit off eBay for less than 20 quid and was only used once. So, there is available depending on your budget. 

Do you use a Fitbit? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 17 February 2019

How to deal with a cold

Hey readers,

This time of year there is a lot of coughs and colds knocking about. As a parent, they just feel a constant one after the other. So in this post, I am going to tell you some tricks and tips on how to beat that nasty cold.

what are the cold symptoms you may experience?

sore throat
 pressure in your ears and face 
 sore muscles 
sneezing loss of taste and smell

1. Sleep.

One of the best ways to get over a cold is to sleep it off. It allows your body the time to rest and fight of the germs that are in your body.

2. Vapour Rub. 

If you have a blocked nose from all the mucus built up it can be quite tricky to breathe. So using vapour rub can help tremendously to give you some comfort that helps clear the airways to make it more bearable to breathe through your nose.

3. Hydrate.

Keep on top of your fluid levels as it is important when you have a cold or a sore throat to keep make sure you are hydrated. When. your coughing, sneezing or have irritation from a cough at the back of your throat you can feel thirsty. That is why it is key to be mindful and stay on top form by continuing to drink to keep up with the loss of fluid caused by a cold.

4. Medication.

Of course, there is the trusted medication you can buy over the counter to help with pain relief. There is cough medicine to help soothe your throat. There is also medication to give relief like tablets with paracetamol. Lozenges are cough sweets that you can suck on to help relieve painful sore throats.

5. Gargle water.

Putting 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt dissolved in an 8oz glass of warm water and failing that water at the back of your throat can give temperature relief of a sore or scratchy throat.

6. Hot baths.

Having a hot bath can help relieve painful muscles that comes with having a cold. Also though uncomfortable at first climatizing to the heat can help raise your temperature and make you sweat. Therefore can help boost your immune system to fight the germs in your body.

7. Eat soup.

Eating soup can help a cold as it breaks down congestion that is linked to a cold. Plus soup is really comforting for when you are not feeling well.

9. Humidifiers.

Humidifiers are brilliant at helping you breathe more easier and with the cooling sensation of the steam. You can even now get humidifiers designed to have in your bedroom at night time to help you feel comfortable and get a good night sleep. Doing anything to help get sleep and rest makes all the difference when you are not feeling 100 per cent.

What things help you when you experience a cold? love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Let's stop period taboo.

Hey readers,

Today I would like to discuss periods and the fact that I think in this day and age that we should stop the taboo surrounding periods. 

I don't know why we have such funny attitudes around periods, it is a natural event for women and it happens every month because that is the way I bodies are designed. It has nothing to do with the person we are or to do with how pure we are. Every woman (other than ones with problems related to their period) has periods. 

I recall back when I first had my period at the age of 10 and no one talked to me about it. I remember this feeling in my pants and when I went to the toilet and looked down I was horrified. I literally thought I was dying.

 It was scary because no one told me about periods and what to expect. If I was told then I could be prepared and embrace it for what it was. 

I know a lot of people have similar experience and even now when someone mentions periods in the media they get a backlash of hatred and disgust.

 They view periods as the most disgusting thing in the world. But it is not, it is just nature doing what it was designed to do. 

What is a period?

The body releases tissue it no longer needs. This tissue is found in the uterus and it is designed to be removed from the body in order to make room for the baby to be grown in the uterus. Every month the uterus lining gets thicker so that is prepared for a fetus egg if the women become pregnant. If the egg does not get fertilised then what happens is that the lining gets released as blood from the vagina. This process is called menstruation or period as it is commonly known. 

It is nothing awful or deadly, it is just a process of life, which one of the main reasons us humans are alive is to reproduce. Yes, blood is not pleasant, it is not something I enjoy, I don't choose to have a period nor anyone I know would say they enjoy their period. It is just life and something that you have to manage every month. Not to mention it messes up your emotions. 

I am not ashamed of my periods. I have accidents where I am not expecting my period and there is blood everywhere. I get up and clean the mess which is fine. This does not make me dirty, it means I wasn't expected it and it happens you know. I can't know everything I am not Mystic Meg. 

One thing that bothers me with periods and peoples view is that somehow because I am a woman and have a period that I am somewhat below a man. I am disgusted and dirty but why? because blood comes out of my vagina once a month? It is just a ridiculous way of thinking which again stems back to religion and this idea of uncleanness. 

How can we improve the whole notion of breaking down period taboo? well, the key is to talk more especially when having children, though my sons are male and won't experience periods they know what happens to mummy.

 Why is mummy wearing sanitary towels? Why she is moody or a bit shouty at daddy? Kids like to explore from a young age and it is important to talk about these things.

 I think it is important for especially girls to understand what happens beforehand so they don't feel scared and that they can learn to embrace periods for what they are.

 We should celebrate when a girl starts periods as opposed to casting fear into them. We should see it as a practical element to being a woman and reducing the fear. Overall it is important to keep talking about periods. 

Cheers for reading X