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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

How to make a dragonfly peg craft

 Hey readers,

Looking for a simple craft then look further as I have one that takes less than 10 minutes but kids will love it. It is called a dragonfly peg craft and the materials that you will need are listed below. 

How to make a dragonfly craft

What you will need.

* Pegs

* Marker pens/felt tips

* Google eys

* Pipe cleaners.

dragonfly peg craft

How to make the dragonfly peg craft.

1. I found it easier to undo the peg and then colour the peg in, as it is easier to colour in the small spaces. You can use whatever colour or pattern you wish. I have two ideas below to give you inspiration. 

dragonfly peg craft

dragonfly peg craft

2. Once you have coloured the pegs in, fix the peg back on its hinge. Thread the pipe cleaners one at a time through the peg hole and then shape like two big circles for the wings. Once that has been done a little space and then do the same for the second wing. 

3. I used glue but if you have a glue gun to hand that would be even better. Of course, you don't have to use google eyes, I just knocking about. You could simply just draw on the eyes with a marker, it would still be as effective.

4. Leave some time for the dragonfly to dry out then there you have a funky little craft to get your kids excited about. 

dragonfly peg craft

dragonfly peg craft


Cheers for reading X

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

How to make a recycled bird feeder.

Hey readers,

Did you know this month is bird feeding month? What better way to celebrate than making a recycled bird feeder. Not only is it helping the environment but green too. 

What you will need. 

 Plastic bottle with lid. 
Twine or string. 
Birdseed (which you can get from your local animal store) 

How to make the bird feeder. 

1. Make sure that the bottle is washed and cleaned before using and also make sure you have the lid for the bottle. 

2. Cut a hole in the side of the bottle big enough so that the seeds can flow freely but also making sure it is not too big that the seeds will fall out. 

3. Then near the bottom of the bottle make a hole that goes through the other side. Put one pencil in and then do the same again but above the first pencil so then will make a perch for the birds to sit on whilst getting the food. 

4. Measure the twine or string, you need enough to hold the feeder. 

5. Put a two holes at the top and thread through twine or string through them. 

6. Then fill your feeder with bird seeds. I would recommend using a funnel if you have one, makes it less messy to pour into the food into the bottle.  

7. Finally, find somewhere suitable for you in your garden to tie the feeder and there you have your very own bird feeder. 

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Be careful to not do this activity if you are allergic to nuts. Be careful with the scissors and ask an adult to help. 

Cheers for reading X