Friday, 13 May 2022

100 fun things to on Father's Day.

 Hey  readers, 

Father's day is just around the corner and you may be thinking of doing something special with him. So do check out my extensive list of 100 things you can do with your dad to spend some extra quality time with him this coming fathers day (or any other day to be fair) check it out below.

100  fun things to do on Father's Day. 

1. Go for a bike ride.

2. Go for a hike. 

3. Work on a puzzle together. 

4. Have games night. 

5. Go fishing. 

6. Go bowling. 

7. Visit a museum. 

8. Play golf.

9. Play mini-golf. 

10. Change a tire. 

11. Go for ice cream. 

12. Learn the family history. 

13. Make dad a playlist of his favorite songs. 

14. Go bird watching.
15. Make breakfast together. 

16. Take an online cooking class together. 

17. Build a campfire. 

18. Watch all the Marvel films in order. 

19. Get your karaoke on. 

20. Craft together. 

21. Go for a picnic. 

22. Pamper him with a spa day. 

23. Head to a theme park for the day. 

24. Fire up the grill. 

25. Go camping. 

26. visit a historical site. 

27. Scrapbooking.
28. take a music class together. 

29. Have a photoshoot. 

30. Read a book together.

31. Attend a community event

32. Create a first aid kit. 

33. Play miniature golf. 

34. Play laser tag. 

35. Visit a splash park. 

36. Visit the library. 

37. Play hide and seek. 

38. Perform magic tricks. 

39. Have a zoom call with extended family. 

40. Play Uno. 

41. Fly kites.
42. Test drive a car.

43. Visit a national trust property. 

44. Complete a lego challenge. 

45. Build a rope swing. 

46. Complete a science experiment like the coke cola and mentos challenge. 

47. Go on a miniature railway. 

48. Go on a steam train. 

49. Create a rocket. 

50. Do a park run. 

51. Make a birdhouse. 

52. Look for shooting stars. 

53. Do a performance. 

54. Visit the beach. 

55. Go wild swimming. 

56. Roll down a hill. 

57. Jump in puddles. 

58. Play pooh sticks. 

59. Do some colour in. 

60.  Make a daisy chain. 

61. Find frog spawn. 

62. Climb a tree.

63. Feed wild birds. 

64. Go on a night walk.

65. Draw self-portraits. 

66. Look for crabs at the beach. 

67. Plant some seeds.

68. Bird watching. 

69. Skim stones. 

70. Ride a donkey. 

71. Make art with wild items such as leaves. 

72. Visit a farm. 

73. Volunteer at an allotment. 

74. Make printable coupons. 

75. Make up a board game.

76. Read a story together. 

77. Send a care package. 

78. Look at dads old photo albums. 

79. Fill out fun facts printable all about dad. 

80. Tackle a DIY project. 

81. Make a terrarium.

82. Make a memory box. 

83. Play catch. 

84. Build a bookshelf.

85. Do a BBQ. 

86. Tell jokes. 

87. Ask him about his childhood. 

88. Plant a tree. 

89. Go to see live music. 

90. Go to a lido. 

91. Go to a car show. 

92. Take a segway tour.

93. Go to a buffet. 

94. Visit a national park. 

95. Solve a problem together. 

96. Watch a play. 

97. Watch a parade. 

98. Make a video. 

99. Have a campfire. 

100. Make a photo collage. 

What do you think of my list of ideas of things to do with your dad? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X 



  1. What fab ideas! I love that lots of them don't cost anything either. x

  2. Hehe ride a donkey! This would be a brilliant one. But, I think we'll probably do something based around food :-) So many fab ideas. Thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeam x

  3. Lots of fun ideas to celebrate time together and have a happy father's day. I expect my hubby will have lego and I might get him to do a bbq for my dad. Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam