Friday, 8 October 2021

5 trick or treat safety tips

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Trick or treat night is on the 31st of October and your child may want to engage in this fun Halloween activity. So this might be important information on how to keep safe during the fun celebration. What are my safety tips you ask well check them out down below? 

5 trick or treat safety tips

1. Accomy your child. 

Obviously, little ones will be with a guardian but older children may want to go alone but it might better be depending on the area and time to accompany your child under the age of 12.

 Therefore giving you the reassurance of knowing your child is safe especially when it gets dark and late.

 Another great tip is to pin a piece of paper on the back of your child's costume with your name, address, and the number just in case.

2. Set ground rules.

Make sure rules are said at the start of the evening so everyone is clear on the dos and don't of the night. 

 Highlight making sure that the child should stay with the group they are with. Plan a familiar route so your child is familiar and set a time with your child as to when it will end. 

Make sure that the child is aware to stay on the pavement and hold hands. When crossing the road make sure you check before walking into the road is clear to cross.

 It is best to only approach houses that are well lit. It is important the child knows that they should not go into someone's house or car for a treat. 

Make sure you check for cars before walking on the drive of someone's home. Be careful when approaching a drive with a car to make sure that it is not running, make sure to walk slowly. Make sure you have a torse so that if the driver is in the car they can see you in the dark night. 

3. Brightness. 

It is important to wear bright coloured clothing or put reflective tape onto the costume so that people can see you especially when it is dark at night you need to be able to see the child. Or other items such as hi-vi jackets, glow stick necklaces that kind of thing. 

4. Sweets.

Always check the sweets before letting your child eat them. Chuck away sweets that are damaged whether a sweet is opened or has a hole in them.

 Only accept sweets and chocolate if they are fully wrapped. Don't accept any homemade sweets if they are not made by someone you know. If you have young children don't give them gum or hard sweets as there may be the potential of choking. 

5.  Face paint.

Use face paint instead of a mask and make sure you use non-toxic face paint so no risk of causing a reaction.  

Using face paint is safer and less obstructive with their view. Also face paint helps reduce the risk of them having distractions because of the mask falling or any falls because they are preoccupied with adjusting the mask to fit on the face. 

What are your safety tips when going trick or treating? Have I missed anything off the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

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  1. Fantastic tips. It seems strange to think that kids might be going out trick or treating again this year x

  2. Some good advice there
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