Friday, 22 October 2021

What to put in a spooky basket.

Hey readers,

You may want to stay at home with your kids because it will be dark and not all kids enjoy taking part in trick or treating. 

what to put in a spooky basket

If you still want to celebrate Halloween at home with your kids then a good idea might be looking at alternative ideas then a spooky basket is perfect way to achieve this. 

 You can choose your budget and get things cheap or if you fancy spending more stuff but it is up to you. Spooky baskets are like Christmas boxes but the theme is based on Halloween. 

So what kind of things can you put in a spooky basket? Below I have given some ideas of the types of things you can put in the boxes that I think would be a hit with kids. 

Things to put in a spooky basket. 

1. Books.

There are so many great Halloween-based books to get feeling Halloweeny. A firm favourite has to be the witches by Roald Dhal - not too scary but fun as well. 

What to put in a spooky basket.

2. Glow sticks.

These are fab for kids to play in a dark room with bright lights to go down a treat. 

What to put in a spooky basket.

3. Face paints.

You don't have to be an expert in face painting as there are simple ones you can do such as a black cat but kids love having face painting done.

 On Snazaroo they have good ideas for Halloween face paint and the instructions are clear plus they have video tutorials so you can do it at your own pace step to step. 

What to put in a spooky basket.

4. Balloons

You can get Halloween-themed balloons and some that even glow in the dark which will work well if kids are playing with glow sticks. 

What to put in a spooky basket.

5. Sweets. 

You have to have sweets at Halloween it's the law, isn't it? ;) Anyways there is a lot of choice on the market and some really fun Halloween ones as well.

 I've brought these Halloween boxes of mixed sweets from B&M for £2.00 and they are Halloween-themed so get a variety. 
What to put in a spooky basket.
6. Halloween clothing. 

You don't have to spend a load on Halloween, you can pick up this orange pumpkin t-shirt from Pep & Co for £3 (they are in adult and children sizes). 

What to put in a spooky basket.

7. Halloween torch.

These are a fun little gadget that works well when it is dark. All you have to do is shine the torch onto the wall and it will display Halloween images whether that be a bat, ghost, skull, etc. 

What to put in a spooky basket.
8. Halloween chocolate bomb.  

To make an extra special hot chocolate then you need to get a chocolate bomb is. You can get Halloween designed hot chocolate bombs such as the one in the photo below where they are shaped as skulls.

 What you do is get some hot milk vin a cup and place the hot chocolate bomb into the cup so that the bomb will disperse into the liquid. This is a popular with children as they love to see it melt and break away in the cup. 

What to put in a spooky basket.

What do you think of the kid's Halloween boxes? do you do them and if so what do you put in your boxes? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

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  1. If my girls were a few years younger I would happily make them a spooky basket. They sound like a lot of fun. Glow sticks and face paints are so much fun and those Halloween chocolate bombs look fab x

  2. An interesting selection of Halloween items

  3. What brill ideas! Especially the spooky hot chocolate bombs and the Roald Dahl book. I do a little Halloween bag for my two, they love them. xx

  4. A fun lot of ideas. I think a lot of people will be staying home again this year. Maybe next year things will be a bit more normal