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Benefits of Amazon Prime!

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If you have never heard of Amazon it is basically an online shop where you can pretty much anything from clothes to books, to technology Amazon has it covered. 

You can also buy second-hand items at a reduced price and also your unwanted items to make some money. 

Benefits of Amazon Prime!

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is a prescription program where you pay for certain rewards such as Amazon video, next day delivery, you can even do your grocery shopping, stream movies and listen to Amazon music. ( I will go into more detail below). Amazon Prime is also available in lots of different countries.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

In the UK Amazon Prime costs £7.99 per month or there is the option of paying annually at a cost of £79.00. 

If you are new to Amazon Prime you can have the opportunity to subscribe free for 30 days so you test out the service and can cancel the trial when it ends. 

Amazon students can get a yearly subscription for £39.00 (£3.25 per month) and if you are feeling dubious you can get a six-month free trial to test out Amazon Prime. 

Amazon family costs annually £79.00 and this allows two adults and four children to register with one account to access all the Amazon Prime benefits.

The benefits of Amazon Prime. 

Faster delivery.

With many items on Amazon, you can get the delivery by the next day though this is depending on your postcode. It is really handy if you want someone quick. With Amazon Prime, you also get free delivery instead of having to pay if your a non-Amazon Prime member and can only get free delivery when your orders to over £20. 

Same day delivery - items will be delivered on the same day though do check the time frame on the list next to the product. Again this is subjected to the postcode you live in. 

Property delivery - this is delivered two days after the item is dispatched. 

Expected delivery - items will be delivered between one and three days after placing an order on Amazon. Again this is eligible for certain postcodes so make sure you check before buying so you won't be disappointed. 

Standard delivery - items will be delivered within two to five business days. 

Amazon Prime streaming service.

The streaming service offers a prime video section on Amazon where you can watch 30,000 videos that you can stream unlimited as an Amazon Prime member. 

You can also feast your eyes on Amazon's original shows such as The Grand Tour, Downtown |Abbey, Walking Dead. Not only tv shows but also a variety of films you can watch such as Borat, Lego Movie, and Shazam. 

To stream them it is accessible on many platforms such as Amazon Fire Stick, now tv, laptop, mobile, and game consoles. As long as you have wifi you can download shows from Amazon Prime and watch them on the go.

Prime music. 

Prime Music gives you over 20,000 ad-free songs to listen to, unlimited skips, and the ability to download and play offline., 
If you are an Amazon Prime member there is an offer for Amazon unlimited music for £7.99 a month or if you are a non-Amazon Prime member it would cost you £9.99 which results in an increase of 40,000 songs you can listen to. 


All Amazon customers get 5GB photo storage regardless of having a prime membership. However, with a Prime membership, it allows you to have unlimited photo storage and 5GB video storage so that you can save, share and access photos on a desktop, mobile and tablet. 

Prime gaming. 

With Amazon Prime, you can get exclusive access to twitch via prime gaming with the benefits of ad-free viewing and have access to pre-ordering video games. You can also get games to try and free game content. 

Prime reading. 

Prime reading offers access to prime customers of over 1,000 ebooks. magazines and comics and what is even better are it is accessible on Amazon Kindle free apps so you don't need a reader to take advantage of this offer. 

Every month Amazon gives a free ebook (first read) to read from a selection of popular choices that arent always available for free for you to enjoy. 

Access daily deals. 

Being an Amazon Prime member allows you to check out the lightening deals 30 minutes before everyone else does each day. Lightening deals are where a limited amount of products is reduced for a certain time so best be quick to get a hot deal. 

Amazon Fresh. 

You can do your weekly shop if you wish on Amazon Fresh, including fresh produce, household essentials, popular and specialist bands>
You can have delivery slots from 1-2 hours either via Amazon Fresh or directly from your local Morrisons supermarket. Of course, it is also down to your location and it depends on your postcode if you are eligible.  

Prime wardrobe.

Prime wardrobe is a service that allows you to try on the clothes before you buy them. The kind of items that are included are watches, shoes, women accessories, men and kids categories. 

You have up to seven days to try on the items before decided whether to keep or return the items. Amazon will only charge for the items that you keep. 

Amazon Prime Day. 

Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive event where prime members can get access to special deals on items such as speakers, clothing, and even toiletries. 

Amazon Prime Day this year will be on the 21 & 22 of June 2021 so make that a date to check out any good deals on Amazon. 

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  1. I love Amazon Prime for not only the movies but also free shipping on nearly everything! #MMBC

  2. The only time I have had Amazon Prime is when I signed up by mistake. Oops. I don't use Amazon enough to make buying it worth it but I can understand why people do love it. x

  3. I love Amazon prime, mostly for the quick free delivery but we do use Prime video as well. I didn't realise there were so many other benefits though! #MMBC

  4. I have Amazon Prime and I'm currently trialling Unlimited for extra audio books. I love how you can get your orders in a day, or sometimes even the same day. But I've recently started shopping on Amazon Morrisons and it's brilliant, same day shopping in a two hour slot. I can send my husband to Morrisons but he'll end up spending more and we have to pay petrol which works out more expensive than the delivery fee. It's great for top up shopping. I've not tried Amazon Fresh yet though.

  5. I literally do ALL my shopping on Amazon Prime and have done so for about the last 6 years. I am a Prime girl through and through...only thing is I am wayy to click happy on it! Thanks for linking up to #ForTheLoveofBlog :)

  6. I love our Amazon Prime. I am always shopping for something on Amazon, I'm a regular haha. x

  7. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon prime. We have also recently started listening to music and watching movies over on prime xx #fortheloveofblog