Thursday, 3 June 2021

**AD** 5 game based date ideas for gamers.

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Are you a fan of gaming and want to meet someone who loves games that you want to date also who is into dating then you're in luck as there is a niche market for gamer daters? 

I think with the internet there are a lot more people who enjoy gaming and it is a fun way to connect with someone via playing games. 

A fun website to check out is gamerdates. It is a site designed for gamers, geeks, and cosplayers who are looking for love.

So when you do arrange a date with someone you probably want to have a game-based date which a great way to connect and get someone better. Doing someone that both people enjoy on a date makes feel relaxed and being able to connect with someone.

As restrictions are easing and more establishments are opening it will give you several options to chose from for a game-based date with someone. 

Below I have 5 game date ideas to get you inspired to go and arrange a date with a fellow gamer. 

5 game based date ideas for gamers.

1. Visit an arcade.

A retro place to visit on a date is going to an arcade as there are many different types of classic games to play. Whether it be racing games, shooting games, air hockey, coin pusher machines are just a few examples. It is a loud and excitable environment and one worth a go if you are of a competitive nature. 

2. Escape rooms.

 Most people have heard of escape rooms where you are locked in a themed room and you have to work out riddles, puzzles, and clues in order to get out of the room. It is a way to work together and see how well you communicate as a team and is a unique date idea to do. 

3. Board game cafe.

A more relaxed setting for a game date would be to go to a board game cafe. At the cafe, you can get food and drinks whilst having the opportunity to play board games of your choice. A type of place that is popular is The Dice Box in Leamington Spa that offers great food and a variety of games. 

 Sometimes board games are the most fun to do. At the board game cafe, there are a variety of board games to choose from card games, strategic games to silly games. Also, you don't have to worry about getting away from the table as they offer table service. 

4. Gaming convention. 

A great way to explore gaming together and checking out all things gaming-related is to go to a gaming convention.  Not only can you play games you can also go check out gaming panels and hear talks on gaming topics. 

5. Laser tag. 

If you like hands-on gaming and like games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite and Warzone then laser tag is something to consider to go on a gamer's date.  You get to play with laster guns and run around in the dark whilst trying to shoot one another. It is a unique idea and if you have a competitive nature then is the perfect date to go on.

6. VR gaming centres.

If you want to escape then go to VR gaming centres as you can put on a headset and emerge yourself in a game with your date. You can play together and work as a team but if you want some real fun you can work against each other for laughs, perfect for a game date for someone that you have met online sites such as dates for gamers.

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  1. What fun ideas for a date. I do like the sound of a date at a VR gaming centre. x