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How to stay safe when exploring BDSM dates **AD**

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Dating has many different ways in which people meet and explore one another. One such way would be the world of BDSM dates.

BDSM is short for is an acronym that refers to a specific type of erotic behavior or play, that may involve any of the following: bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism and masochism (S&M)  (, 2019). 

Now, this is a grey regarding safety and risk so it is important to make sure that both parties are safe. So here are my tips to be safe when dating.

Nowadays it is very easy to meet like-minded people and the BDSM community is large. There are a variety of different BDSM partners on such as domination mistress to name but one. 

Safety tips.

To start with when it comes to searching for a date and using the internet it is wise to go for dating sites that have a good reputation. 

Also, make sure the company has a high value of safety for its clients. 

One such recommended website is bdsm dates
which are protected by online dating protector, VeriSign secured and Norton Secured. 

Be careful what you download and make sure when it comes to using a password to have a strong with capital letters and symbols.  

When thinking about personal information regarding the profile name you use on a dating site. 

It is important to use a neutral name that is not associated with you as a person or connected to other profile names used on other sites. 

Consider when thinking about the location being vague so you can feel safe knowing that the bigger location further away you are is less easy to track down. 

Don't rush to meet someone, take your time to know who they are as a person and that you get to a stage where you feel comfortable with them. 

One tip maybe would be is to have a separate email address used for BDSM websites so less likely to find out other information found associated with personal information. 

When the time comes if you feel comfortable to hook up with someone then it is best on the first date to meet up with someone in a public area. 

This will give you that security that you are safe and it means you can relax and get to know the person.

 When you leave it would be best to drive yourself home or take public transport, though you may feel comfortable later on in the evening it is important to put safety at the top of your priority. 

Remember at any point you can say no and it is your right to have them wishes be heard. 

It is ok to make someone feel uncomfortable or offend as it best to get out what you want. Then this leaves everyone clear and knows what is happening from the start without the upset at a later date. 
Communication is really important when it comes to BDSM because then everyone is happy and they know what each other wants. It is important that boundaries are clearly set from the start. 

Don't be afraid to say what you like and what you don't like at the end of the day you are an adult and you can participate in anything as long as it is legal and the other person is happy with it. 

Finally, if you plan to participate with risky behavior that could cause safety issues when in a dominating role then it is best to beforehand to establish with your date a safe word or hand gesture. 

Therefore if a situation does occur the person is safe and something can be done about it straight away. 

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This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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