Thursday, 12 October 2017

Hey readers,
My word of the week is:

Because I am drained, I am really tired and my eldest is really testing me. Even my hubby who is rather chilled himself it is slowly getting to him too.
My eldest is getting more violent (hitting, scratching, biting) and having meltdowns episodically after school. I am trying to deal with my own issues relating to my autism, so trying to find that winning combination is bloody hard work.
I get 'advice' but it is exhausted to implement the long list of new things to incorporate. I just get fed up with these professionals dumping this advice on to you. You then got to remember all these new rules. 

Along with having to go for PIP assessment next week, my anxiety is really pushed. I just want that time to not have to think about how I am meant to perform and just be brain dead for a bit.

Cheers for reading X


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