Thursday, 7 September 2017


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because it's a return of school for my oldest and he is now in year 1. He has been finding going back to school really hard these past couples of days. This is because of the change in teaching as it is more focused on learning overplay.

 He is not very good with change and he needs things explaining to him. So, as you can imagine he's not very happy. He has been complaining that he hates school, thinks it's stupid and wishes he was back in reception again.

I just hope that with the time that he can ease back into it and establish a routine.  I think this will help him feel happier about going to school.
Today my youngest has returned to nursery for one last year and then he will start school in September.

He, on the other hand, is super excited to be returning. I am looking forward to getting a better routine and quiet time. It has been lovely having them but it's nice to have a break from it all.

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