Monday, 5 October 2015

Ftmob 05/10/2015

Hey readers,
Hope your keeping well, I have some great snippets this week so here goes:-

  1. On the bus with my eldest and he says REALLY loadly "where's daddy's muppet'. This comment is in reference to my husband the day before in the car calling a driver a Muppet as they did not indicate ands pull straight of a junction.
  2. When we are in the lift (we live in tower block) and a really tall man gets in and my son repeatedly says "that man is really tall, why is that man really tall!" Yes this made me cringe and kids are far too honest sometimes, haha!
  3. When we were having paella the other week my son tells hubby "I like peas now daddy".  
  4. Now if we tell my eldest we haven't got the money for something my son responds and says, "I've got money in my piggy bank mummy". I can confirm that yes there is money in the piggy bank but sadly only full of twos/ones and five pees. Lol!
  5. My youngest saw a fly come through the window and he says "buzzzzzz"
  6. My hubby has two different songs connected to two different alarm times on his phone each being the music artist Moby. So I put a Moby video on YouTube for my son as he requested so sweetly and he comments and obsesses for days and asked a lot, "why is Moby bauld like you Daddy". Haha!
  7. When I state anything my DS1 things he already knows he replies, "yeah I know". Very little Britain style ;)
  8. My son refers to anything star shape as " twinkle twinkle little star ".
Cheers for reading X


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