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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

March favourites

Hey readers,

It is now the fourth month of the year that we are in. So, I am going to reflect over the past month (March) of things that I have been loving. 

1. Fleabag. 

Regarding television programmes that I have been watching in March, I have been really enjoying Fleabag on BBC one. It is the second series and still carrying on brilliantly. It is about the life of a woman called Claire living in London dealing with the tragedy of losing her friend. It is dark, it is funny and really well timed as well with the observations and comments. 

2. Blossom.

Now that the horrific wind from storm Gareth has left, the sunshine has been shining high and allowing growth in nature. There is blossom growing everywhere on trees and it is just a breath of fresh air to see the new season working its magic. 

3. Clocks. 

Of course, only the other day the clocks went forward an hour which though on the day we lost an hours sleep *boo** means that the days are getting brighter and more change of warmer weather and opportunities for going outside and soaking in the sunshine. 

4. Selling on Facebook. 

I have been really enjoying selling odd bits of stuff that we don't really need any more on Facebook. Not only is someone getting a bargain and we are getting some cash back but also means more space, less clutter about. 

5. Hot showers. 

Only recently hubby treated us to out rainfall type shower head and I can confirm it absolutely bliss to have a hot shower with the rainfall head above you. My boys love the new shower and love the idea of the fact it feels like rain. 

What have you been loving over the past month of March? Love to hear your comments down below. 

Cheers for reading X