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Saturday, 19 January 2019

10 ways to save money on your energy bills.

Hey readers,

It is January and we are all looking for ways to save money, One expense that costs a lost is electricity below, so let me tell you some tips on how to save money on your energy bills.

1. Thermostat.

Honeywell home wall appliance

A simple way to cut down the cost of your energy bill is to simply turn down your thermostat by 1c can save up to £75 per year.

2. Layers.

When you feel cold don't instantly whack the old heating up but put an extra layer on with jumpers, socks, dressing gown etc. Even having throws can help a great deal.

3. Warm drinks.

person holding cup of coffee
Another way to stay warm is to have a warm drink can help you feel instantly warm.

4. Appliances.

If your not using appliances turn it off and even turn the tv off at the mains. Don't have lights on if someone is not in the room it is a total waste and can save you a lot of energy.

5. Washing.

person using white front-load washing machine

When you are doing your clothes washing it is a good idea to change the temperature down 10 degrees for example from a 40 to a 30c can make a huge difference on your bill and could potentially save up to £52 per year.

6. Draught proof.

Did you know a cold draught can cause you to lose heat and money so it is important to get your home draught proof because it can be easy to just think to turn the temperature up especially in old homes? A thing that you can consider doing in your home is draught excluders and investing in draught proofing kits.

If you don't have double glazing them you can get plastic trimming to go around your window to stop the draught coming in and keep the warmth in the room.

Line your letterbox and if you have a chimney that is not in use then seal that up like that can easily save you £25 per year.

7. Hot food.

pasta dish on plate

Don't put hot food into the fridge or freezer straight away as it messes up with the temperature of the fridge, it is better to give the food time first to cool down and then store it in the fridge or freezer.

8. Shower.

Instead of hitting the bath first swap over to the shower and try to make your showers no longer than 10 minutes as this will reduce the amount of heated water that you use.

9. Hot water.

Check the boiler on the temperature that your hot water is at and think about trying to reduce it just by one degree will make a massive difference to reducing the energy you use.

10. Turn off.

Make sure that if you don't use a room regularly to turn down the radiator and make sure that doors are closed and curtains/blinds are drawn in the evenings to keep the heat in and room toasty.

What methods do you use to help with reducing your energy bill?

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 18 January 2019

9 no spend activity ideas.

Hey readers,

Sometimes, I like the challenge where I go for the weekend without spending a penny and survive at the other end. I do love a good challenge - I know the whole buzz surrounding no spending is popular with the 30-day challenge or even dare to push it to go a whole year. I like the fact you can alter it to suit you, so for me, two days of no spending at all whereas others go 30 days but have a budget on certain items such as food.

Anyhow, I thought I would put together some ideas on how to have fun without spending a penny, so let's crack, shall we?!

1. Board games.

Board games are great if you have to knock them around as they are a fun family activity to do together, kills some time and is free, result.

2. YouTube.

Oh, faithful YouTube you come to us in our of need, so much free stuff from vlogs, music and even films there is plenty you can watch for nothing.

3. Exercise.

You don't need a gym membership to do exercise, oh no there is plenty of ways to join in the fun. There are exercise videos on YouTube, there is a couch to 5k app to encourage you to build up your stamina over the weeks with little goals to practice to run. You can even just put your trainers on and go for a walk.

4. Blog.

person holding chocolate bar near laptop

Come on I can not forget to mention blogging now can I? You can easily set up a blog and there are many free platforms to chose from. you can write about anything when it comes to blogging, the world really is your oyster and it creates a way to unleash your creative side.

5. Library.

The library is a wonderful place and is one of my favourite things to do. There are so many varieties of books you can get on loan to read at home for free. There are classes as well from learning IT to colouring in again free and it gets you at your home.

6. Walk.

Go check out your local park or walk to a different part of town. There are free museums likely where you live you can wander around and explore.

7. Local events.

Most places have a local council that tells you if there are any events locally to where you live. They tend to be free and it is a great way to have some fun when you are on a budget.

8. Clean.

cooking hands handwashing health

If you have spare time to kill then something love to do is have a good old clean whether it is cleaning the shower or the oven it will be worth it at the end when it is all nice and shiny.

9. Lists.

Planning is a great way of constructive using your free time and it could potentially help save you money. A great list to do is a meal planner for the week so you know what you need and you can stay on budget.

What non-spend activities do you enjoy doing?

Cheers for reading X