Friday 22 January 2016


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:


It is this because I have finally got struck with the flu my son had a few days prior. I was hoping to get away with avoided in but no such luck.
The moment my sons get to nursery bang they get hit with illnesses. How frustrating is it especially when you need more energy for early wake up calls and rushing out fast, ha!
I have been aching so much and in so much bloody pain  that it has made me lack motivation to get going.
But on a brighter note we have  as a family enjoyed a couple of days out to local park, food and time together which is challenging for me but I'm doing it and getting out there.
I nearly forgot the highlight of the week with the short lived snow. It was an absolute blast walking to swimming on Sunday with the snow, yay! It was first time my youngest noticed and absolutely found it fascinating albeit a little cautious. My eldest had to make a snowball (cheers Ben and Holly). He also needed to take the snowball home but I did  explain to him what would happen. We also had a long discussion into the reason why snow is formed. Mtry eldest is very much into asking questions and knowing why things happen (takes after his daddy). I do struggle through at times as I forget he is four and fir me anyways it is surprisingly  hard to simplify your answers.

Hope you have had a good week.
Cheers for reading X


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