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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

How to motivate yourself in the winter mornings.

Hey readers,

It can be hard to get motivated during the colder months because all you want to do is hibernate especially when it is so dark and cold outside. How do you get motivated during the winter mornings?

Brace yourself.

I know for me I get so overwhelmed with how much I have to do that I then go on to procrastinate because it is easier to hide away than to deal with the endless things I have to do. One way overcoming this is to be ace myself and break down what I have to do.
I focus on what is essential and then do something that I dread. I know that if I can't complete it all I can do it next goal when I have some time. This helps me feel like I am in control and have a plan of action to calm down my thoughts.


The night before I go to bed I write down my schedule of things I have to do therefore I am ready and don't have to panic about everything. It is clearly written down and I know what I have to do.

photo of person holding black pen

Set alarm.

I find it better to set my alarm 10 minutes early as I can have quiet time to enjoy my hot drink and it sets me up for the day. Having that extra time means I don't have to rush around and get stressed about time. It makes a huge difference in being calm that it can make your day feel smoother.

photo of person holding alarm clock


I hate the thought of exercising in the morning but once I get a workout done I feel so much better. It really does me good mentally and physically. I feel much more energised and funny enough it helps get more stuff done because of my energy levels being heightened through exercise.

Early night.

Making sure you get plenty of sleep is important. Being conscious of getting to bed early will really beneficial with how productive you are in the morning.


Establishing a routine where you go to bed and get up early will soon become second nature if you are consisting of your routine. The more you keep at keeping up with your routine will, in the end, pay off as your body will turn it into a habit and in turn will make it easy for you to continue doing what you are doing.


As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it sets you and provides energy after you have had a long sleep at night. Food is great in providing energy to concentrate on the work that needs to be done.
food coffee breakfast


When trying to complete your work that needs to be done in the morning focus first on the task that is most important to you. Getting that job done straightaway means you can relax a bit after and it will a lot easier to do the other tasks once the bigger one has been completed.

What strategies help you kick-start productivity in the morning?

Cheers for reading X