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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

4 ways to help Seasonal Affective Disorder

Hey readers,

The days are so gloomy and dark that they can really influence your mood and impact your day. During the winter months, a lot of people experience a seasonal condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

What is a Seasonal Affective Disorder?

It is a condition that happens during the dark, cold short days and the long nights during Winter. When you experience not a lot of light it can really suck all your energy out of you. Suffers have also expressed feels of lethargic, low libido and restless sleep.

There is a theory to support Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when the light goes into the eyes it can react to the hormones in your body which affects your mood. Hence why people feel much more cheerful when the sun comes out to play.
Another theory is that suffers from SAD when experiencing lack of daylight and shorter days will produce higher levels of melatonin which makes them feel lethargic
One in 15 people in the UK is known to suffer from SAD.

Of course, if you are feeling depressed then the first port of call would be to go and speak to your GP to get the right professional support needed to tackling SAD.

Tips to help SAD.

1. SAD lamps.

You probably have seen Sad lamps that specialise in producing a lamp that mimics daylight. 

Apparently having the light that feels like outdoor light has been able to help suffers from SAD feel better.

These light boxes are aimed to help with light therapy were the individual sitting in front of the light for 30 minutes say will help them feel better in their body and mind with having exposure to light during the winter months.

There is a variety of light boxes now on the market and there are even ones that can work with your alarm clock that gradually build light into the room making it much more manageable to get up in the dark winter mornings.

2. Diet.

Food is energy and it is important to have the right food for keeping your energy levels high. Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet and opt for fish, fruit and vegetables.

3. Vitamin supplements.

People who suffer from SAD have reported that taking vitamin B12 and vitamin D has also helped with their mood.

4. Outdoors.


Sometimes going outdoors even though it is cold can do wonders for your mood.
It is a great way of getting some exercise in and blowing the cobwebs off.
Wrap up warm and see the beauty that nature has to offer. 

Incorporating 30 minutes exercise a day can help produce the feel-good chemicals such as serotonin so it will enhance your mood. Going outdoors will also allow you to get the natural outdoor light as well as an added benefit for exercising outdoors.

What things help you beat the winter blues?

Cheers for reading X