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Friday, 4 September 2015

Half term

Hey readers,
My word of the week is:

half term

This is because it is half term and I love good old cliché ;)

It has been lovely not to rush around in the morning but we have also been decorating the boy's bedroom. 

So long days and chaos. It will be worth in the end however it is currently solid work. Plus trying to entertain children has made me a bit worn out.

Though I did enjoy rythme time this week with the boys. We have not done it for so long as the boys are both in the nursery now. 

The boys enjoyed the library with singing and having the opportunity to choose a book. It really is the simple things that can give you so much pleasure. I have learnt so much recently in watching children and their perspective.

 You always think you will be the teacher when you become a parent. That is not always the case as children teach you things too.

Anyhow enough of the emotional crap I had a day out child-free this week also. I so needed a break and I went to Birmingham. I went on the tram as I am a bit of a geek like that. I love it, it is so ace and easy to get to places. I now have to take my boy which I know he will love it so much!

Also while I was in Birmingham I treated myself to some gorgeous multi-coloured pens from Paperchase.

Cheers for reading X