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Monday, 18 October 2021

October tag.

Hey readers,

I tried doing this for Tweetober however, I forgot and then I kind of gave up. However, I really like the questions so I thought I would do the tag as a blog post.

1) Favorite fall colour? My favorite fall colour would have to be mustard.

2) favorite fall activity? going for walks in nature when there is that crisp feel in the air then going home in the afternoon into the warm, bliss!

3) Favorite fall candle scent? apple cinnamon.

4) Corn maze or hayride? I think a hayride would be much more fun than a corn maze.

5) Sweater or hoodie? I prefer a sweater much more comfortable though I do miss the hood.

6) Favorite fall clothing item? I love fluffy socks and the way they feel on my tootsies especially when it is cold or during a dark evening.

7 Favorite fall date idea? I like to snuggle under a cosy blanket watching a film and drinking hot chocolate when it is all cold and drizzly outside.

8) Favorite fall drink? I would choose a rare treat that I have now and again and that would be a cheeky Costa mint hot chocolate.

9) Favorite thing about fall? Oh gosh, so many good things. Darker nights, cooler weather, the colours of the leaves, fairy lights.

10) What are you grateful for? Though I don't have a lot of money I am glad for having a roof over my head, food in my belly, feeling safe at home and my boys being happy (especially when they are giggling together).

11) Pumpkins or apples? Apples I loves a good juicy apple.

12) Favorite Halloween costume? I really love Beetlejuice so of course, it had to be him.

13) Favorite Disney villain? Not a massive Disney lover but if I had to choose a Disney villain it would have to be Cruella de Vil from the film One Hundred and One Dalmatians. I chose her just because she kicks ass at being evil and she has a brilliant dirty laugh.

14) Do you like haunted houses? Yes, of course, I do they look so much fun.

15) Favorite Disney movie? Without a question of doubt would be Beetlejuice.

16) Favorite fall memory? Feeling cozy in the evenings.

17) Favorite fall decor item? my Halloween fairy lights from Primark.

18) Favorite Halloween joke? I got so fed up with trick or treaters at Halloween that in the end I turned the lights out and pretended I wasn't in. Forget the ships. My lighthouse, my rules...

19) Favorite Halloween song? Bobby Pickett Monster Mash.

20) Firepit or fireplace? I love the fireplace and get cozy. Firepit sounds like hell, lol.

21) Scariest Halloween memory? Seeing humans, lol.

22) Do you believe in ghosts? No.

23) Pretty little liars or scream queens? Neither don't know what Scream Queens but not a fan of America-type programs that are saturated on Netflicks.

24) The favorite villain of all time? Hannibal Lecter.

25) Would you sleep in a graveyard? I already have when I was 12. I love graveyards so calming and no f*cker is around.

26) Favourite classic monster? cookie monster.

27) Biggest fear? Humans.

28) What Halloween monster would you be? Frankenstein.

29) The creepiest story you have heard? Jimmy Saville.

30) Favorite Adam's family member? Cousin It.

31) Halloween plans? eat all the mother f*cking sweets.

The blank questions if you want to join in. 

1) Favorite fall colour?

2) favorite fall activity? 

3) Favorite fall candle scent?

4) Corn maze or hayride? 

5) Sweater or hoodie? 

6) Favorite fall clothing item? 

8) Favorite fall drink? 

9) Favorite thing about fall? 

10) What are you grateful for? 

11) Pumpkins or apples? 

12) Favorite Halloween costume?

13) Favorite Disney villain? 

14) Do you like haunted houses? 

15) Favorite Disney movie? 

16) Favorite fall memory? 

17) Favorite fall decor item? 

18) Favorite Halloween joke?

19) Favorite Halloween song? 

20) Firepit or fireplace? 

21) Scariest Halloween memory? 

22) Do you believe in ghosts?

23) Pretty little liars or scream queens? 

24) The favorite villain of all time? 

25) Would you sleep in a graveyard?

26) Favourite classic monster? 

27) Biggest fear? 

28) What Halloween monster would you be? 

29) The creepiest story you have heard? 

30) Favorite Adam's family member? 

31) Halloween plans? 

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 10 September 2021

60 fun things to do on your birthday.

Hey readers,

Looking for some cool ideas to celebrate your birthday then look no further as I have 60 birthday ideas to get your inspired. 

60 fun things to do on your birthday.

 1. Eat at a restaurant that you haven't tried before. 

2. Play board games. 

3. Breakfast in bed.

4. Spend the day with someone special. 

5. Spend the day at a spa. 

6. Rent a limo. 

7. Spend the day at the beach. 

8. Go to a concert. 

9. Ditch work for the day. 

10. Have a coffee date at a coffee shop. 

11. Check out an amusement park. 

12. Climb a mountain. 

13. Play laser tag. 

14. Buy a new outfit. 

15. Do a birthday photoshoot. 

16. Go camping.

17. Go flower picking. 

19. Spend the day in bed.

20. Buy yourself a gift. 

21. Book into a hotel.

22. Go to a vineyard.

23. Visit a brewery hop. 

24. Buy your favorite treat. 

25. Head to a bowling aisle.

26. Go for a hike. 

27. Splurge on a nice bottle of your favorite wine. 

28. Buy yourself some flowers.

29. Turn your phone off for a set period of time. 

30. Plan a trip to somewhere you really want to visit. 

31. Have a favorite movie marathon. 

32. Go dancing.

33. Go to an escape room. 

34. Go wine tasting.

35. Go to a trampoline park. 

36. Watch a comedy show. 

37. Go canoeing or kayaking. 

38. Hire a boat and ride on the lake.

39. Get a psychic reading.

40. Go horseback riding. 

41. Go to a clay or pottery class. 

42. Go rock climbing.

43. Learn how to sail.

44. Go to the lake. 

45. Ride a bike.

46. Donate or volunteer.

47. Visit gardens or an arboretum. 

48. Check out a natural trust property. 

49. Create an art masterpiece. 

50. Visit a zoo. 

51. Live out your ideal day. 

52. Plant a tree.

53. Go urban exploring. 

54. Scrapbooking. 

55. Make origami.

56. Have a long soak in the bath. 

57. Try out VR. 

58. Play mini-golf.

59. Have a BBQ. 

60. Got a fair, carnival, or festival. 

What do you like to do on your birthday? Love to hear your ideas in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X
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Monday, 16 August 2021

Happiness is....

Hey readers,

There are moments in life that are so simple but make you so dame happy. In this post, I have made a list of the things that I think mean happiness.  

Happiness is...

appiness is...

* Having an early night and a real good sleep, making you feel or refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

*  Kicking autumn leaves as you walk on by.

*  When you have had a long day out of the home and you return in the evening with a lovely hot, fresh brew. 

*  When you find that quid in your pocket that you so desperately need.

*  Having a hot bath and getting into fresh sheets 🛀

*  When your husband lets you have a lie-in.

* Not having to rush about in the morning, having a slow day.

*  Not behaving mummy guilt and feeling confident about parenting.

*  Having lots of ideas for your blog

*  Getting your nails painted perfect the first time around.

*  Hearing a song on the radio that will take you back. 

*  Racing someone into the ocean. 

*  Is out 3am conversations.

*  Is advice when you most need it. 

* Resting after an epic meal. 

* Is finding that song, that perfect song. 

* Wearing a jumper in autumn. 

*  Washed sheets.

*  Simply staying at home. 

*  Taking control of your own happiness. 

* Not giving a shit what people think of you. 

*  Getting that perfect sleep. 

*  Watching the sunrise whilst sipping on a coffee. 

*  Floating in the sea. 

*  The smell of earth after a rain pour. 

*  The first cup of coffee in the morning.

* Making a list of things and then makes your head feel clearer.

*  A cool breeze on a summer's night.

*  Sitting on the beach watching the waves.

*  Feet on the grass in the summer. 

*  When reality beats your expectations. 

*  When you feel fine. 

* Thinking happy thoughts. 

*  Blowing a dandelion. 

* A morning walk. 

*  First tracks on fresh snow. 

  * Going to sleep straight away. 

*  Is a lazy day. 

*  Getting home just before it rains. 

*  A new stack of library books unread.

*  Is a good mug of tea and a book.

*  Is unconditional love.

*  Is feeling good. 

*  Thinking happy thoughts. 

*   Seeing an elderly couple hold hands.

*  A new laptop.

*  Good music and a workout. 

*  Being snug as a bug in a rug. 

*  No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry.

*  Letting go of your worries. 

*  Being comfortable with a decision. 

*  Realising that you don't need to worry about the thing that was worrying you.

*  Reading a quotation and thinking "Yes exactly."

*   Knowing you made a difference. 

*  Getting a handwritten letter. 

*  Relaxing after a long day.

*  Waking up to a fresh new day.

*  Listening to the rain at night in bed. 

What do you think of my list of happiness? Is there anything that I have missed from the list? love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

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Friday, 13 August 2021

What to put in a care package.

Hey readers,

Sometimes it can be hard to meet people that you care about physically due to time, commitments etc.  So a good way to show a friend or relative that you are thinking about them is by sending a care package.

What to put in a care package

What is a care package?

A care package is basically a package of things that are useful or something that the person enjoys. It is carefully packaged in a box. This box can be decorated with a personal touch and send them a box to their home address in the post. 

You tend to not tell the receiver that you are sending it as it is a nice surprise for them to receive in the post. This can bring joy to them as it shows that you are thinking of them. 

You can buy prepacked care packages on the internet but making your own care package yourself is much better at tailoring to their needs. It also feels a lot more special and gives the idea that you have thought about how to bring it all together for that specific person.

Below I have 55 item ideals that may inspire you, Of course, you don't have to put all these in.  It could simply be five items, whatever you do I am sure the receiver will be grateful for the kind gesture to show them you care. 

55 item ideas to put in a care package. 

1. New flavour coffee/tea. 

2. Fluffy socks. 

3. A book.

4. A facemask. 

5.  A mix cd of your favourite songs. 

6. Cookies.

7. Alcohol.

8. Magazines.

9. Eye facemask.

10. A mug. 

11. Cacti.

12. Popcorn.

13. A card.

14. A postcard. 

15. Colourful straw to put in the box. 

16. A foot mask.

17. Lip palm such as these juice box lip balm set from Claire's.

18. Hand sanitiser.

19. Keyring. 

20. Nuts.

21. Bathbomb.

22. A candle. 

23. Wax melts.

24. Bath salts. 

25. A friendship bracelet.

26. Incense sticks. 

27.  A small water bottle. 

28. Sunflower seeds. 

29. Puzzle books.
30. Letters.

31. Photos.

32. Sweets. 

33. Face mask. 

34. Pens.

35. Soap.

36. Pop-it.

37. Facial roller. 

38. Head massager.

39. A stress ball.

40. Makeup.

41. Pin badge.

42. Laptop sticker.

43. Bookmark.

44. Jigsaw puzzle.

45.  A crossword book.

46.  Colouring book.

47. Colouring pencils. 

48. Personalised message in a bottle. 

49. Self-care book.

50. Paint by numbers. 

51. Baking kit.

52. Spiral art like this one for example from Hobby Craft.
53. Photoframe.

54. Sharie pen set like this set below from Tesco.

55.  Wall art. 

What do you think about my list of items to put in a care package? Have I missed anything out? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

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Friday, 6 August 2021

How to keep cool at home in the summer.

Hey readers, 

It is summertime which means that rooms can become hot in your home so here are some tips on ways to cool down your home.

how to keep cool at home in the summer.

 1. Close the curtains.

If you have pale-colored curtains then it is better to close them during the day to stop heat from coming in. However if you have dark curtains and metal blinds it is best not to keep them closed as it will make the room hotter.  

It is recommended by nidirect to keep windows closed if it is hotter outside than inside during the day. As temperatures drop during the night, it is advised to open the windows to let air circulate in the room. 

2. Bowl of water in front of the fan.

A really good hack to cool down in the heat is to put a bowl of ice in front of a table fan. When the ice melts, the fan will blow cooler air towards you. It is important to be close to the fan to get the benefit of this method. 

3. Chose cotton.

Cotton is one of the best materials to wear during the summer period. The benefits of wearing cotton are it is cheap. It is available but also the fact that cotton is soft, light, breathable, and helps soak up sweat, allowing heat to leave the body and make you feel cooler. 

4. Hot water bottle.

Put a hot water bottle in the freezer about half an hour before bed and then take it out and place it on the bed. Best to keep a sheet between you and the bottle as you don't want to get frostbite. It is great and giving you some cool relieve when it is hot in the room and can help cool you down ready to go to sleep. 

5. The floor. 

When it is really difficult to sleep it may be worth considering to take your pillow and sleep on the floor or even better to go downstairs if that option is available for you. 

Huffington Post says the reason behind this suggestion to sleep on the floor is simply that heat rises so sleeping on the floor means you get a cooler sleeping experience.

 Also consider having sheets instead of a quilt as it is lighter and won't hold the warmth as much, making it a much more comfortable feeling. 

6. Have the shower warm.

Though you might think it is better to have a cold shower to keep cool it is better in fact to have a warm shower. Though when first having a warm shower will feel warm compared to a cold shower after a few minutes will provide better comfort in the long run 

7. Keep hydrated. 

It is important to make sure that you are getting enough drink inside of you. Getting enough fluid is key in keeping your heart health in good condition so that it can help the heart move easily when pumping blood through the blood vessels and then on to your muscles.

Another key factor why you need to make sure your drinking more during summer is that you are sweating more (as a direct response in keeping us cool) there you need to replace the lost fluid to help keep you cool. 

Have I missed anything that you think is important to keep your home? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X 

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Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Friday, 23 July 2021

75 acts of kindness

Hey readers, 

sometimes it is good to do something for someone else with not wanted something in return. It can really make the person feel good regardless of how big or small the gesture is. Below I have 75 ways to show someone an act of kindness. 

75 acts of kindness

1. Bake cookies for the elderly.

2. Hold open the door for someone.

3. Do a favour for someone without expecting a favour in return. 

4. Snap a photo of a couple. 

5. Hole the lift for someone. 

6. Send flowers to a friend.

7. Make someone laugh. 

8. Send an interesting article to a friend.

9. Say good morning.

10. Make a drink for your work colleague. 

11. give an unexpected compliment. 

12. Return a lost item to the owner.

13. Give blood. 

14. Donate your old glasses.

15. Sign up for a shift at your local soup kitchen. 

16. Sign up for the bone marrow register.

17. Become an organ donor. 

18. Donate unwanted items to the charity shop. 

19. Read stories to school children.

20. Leave positive notes in random places. 

21. Go litter picking in your local park. 

22. Comment something positive on Instagram. 

23. Donate to someone's go fund page.

24. Offter to babysit for free. 

25. Tell a new mum she is doing a good job. 

26. Let someone go in front of you in traffic. 

27. Let someone go in front of you in the queen. 

28. Volunteer at an animal shelter. 

29. Smile at a stranger.

30. Organise a fundraiser or raffle. 

31. Mow your neighbour's lawn.

32. Read a book for an elderly person.

33. Leave a nice note on someone's car.

34. Give your favorite book to a friend.

35. Send a care package to someone you miss. 

36. Participate in a charity walk or run.

37. Buy the person behind you a coffee.

38. Take a neighbors dog for a walk. 

39. Wash someone's dishes.

40. Give your seat up for someone on the bus.

41. Share your umbrella with someone. 

42. Cheer someone on. 

43. Offer to drive.

44. Donate gifts to children in foster homes.

45. Offer to tutor a struggling student.

46. Donate your hair after you have had a haircut to a charity.

47. Instead of birthday gifts request donations to a charity.

48. Help someone declutter their home. 

49. Practice patience by reframing from road rage when driving. 

50. Help someone find a job.

51. Wash a neibours car.

52. Plant a tree.

53. Collect recyclables.

54. Feed the birds in a local park.

55. Offer someone your last piece of chewing gum. 

56. Actually, put the shopping trolley back to its original place.

57. Make a bird feeder and put it outside for the birds to enjoy.

58. Plant flowers for the bees. 

59. Buy or build a compost bin for use in gardens. 

60. Visit an animal shelter.

61. Reduce the amount of meat you eat. 

62. Help make dinner. 

63. Leave a thank you note above the post box. 

64. Write to your mp about something that could be improved in the area that you live in. 

65. Make everyone's bed for them.

66. Hug someone today. 

67. Get someone to go on an adventure with you. 

68. Give someone a list of things you love about them. 

69. Treat someone to the cinema. 

70. Prepare breakfast in bed for the family. 

71. Teach someone a new skill. 

72. Tip generously. 

73. If you see a parent trying to take a photo of their children offer to take a picture for them for the whole family. 

74. When someone speaks, listen tentatively. 

75. Do your best to make people feel included in the conversation.  

Are there any acts of kindness that I have missed on the list that you think are good ideas? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

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Sunday, 18 July 2021

30 day minimalism challenge

Hey readers, 

 I bet you are wondering what the 30-day minimalism challenge is? well, let me tell you about it.

Basically, the 30-day minimalism challenge can be done any time that suits you. The idea is to challenge you to do some sort of decluttering in your life. The lists I have produced are some easy and a bit harder.

The goal is to do complete each challenge every day. It is good sometimes to have something to aim for and hopefully by the end of the challenge you feel more organised with less clutter in your life. 

There are many benefits to cluttering with reducing stress, boosting your creativity, and making your home be a bit tidier.

30 day minimalism challenge

Here is the list of the 30-day minimalism challenge. 

1. Purge your wardrobe. There is a good post by Simply Saving that goes into more detail on how to declutter items such as shoes, clothes, and bags. You can find out more detail here.

2. Throw out old socks.

3. Avoid spending for a day. 

4. Cook at home for the day - all three meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Clean out your fridge.

6. Clean out your email inbox.

7. Create a morning ritual. 

8. Practice single-tasking.

9. Go through your books.

10. Spend 30 minutes outside. 

11. Evaluate your current spending.

12. Delete the unwanted apps that you don't use.

13. Write tomorrow's to-do list before bed.

14. Say no to something.

15. Turn off notifications.

16. Empty your junk drawer.

17. Clean out your car.

18. Clean your makeup brushes.

19. Recycle old receipts and paperwork.

20. Write out some new minimalist rules to live by.

21. Act of kindness.

22. Get all your errands done.

23. Ditch makeup for a day.

24. Declutter 5 items.

25. Organise your digital files.

26. Make a new dish.

27. Take a long bath.

28. Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

29. Unsubscribe from at least 4 email newsletters. 

30. Don't complain all day.

30 day minimalism challenge

Have you tried the declutter challenge? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 12 July 2021

75 fun things to do over summer.

 Hey readers,

Summer is among us and you may be looking for some ideas of fun things to do. So check out my electric list of ideas to make you want to do something this summertime. 

75 fun things to do over summer.

1. Bike rides.

2. Make ice cream. 

3. Have a picnic at the park. 

4. Do a puzzle.

5. Visit a splash park. 

6. Plant flowers or vegetables.

7. Berry picking. 

8. Take an early/late walk. 

9. Fly a kite. 

10. Go to the cinema. 

11. Try new food. 

12.  Go to an amusement park. 

13. Take a road trip. 

14. Feed the ducks. 

15. Go to the beach.

16. Ride in a hot air balloon. 

17. Make tie-dye T-shirts.

18. Learn to fly fish.

19. Have a water balloon fight.

20. Play disc golf. 

21. Visit a museum. 

22. Collect natural objects for art.
23. Host a bake-off.

24. Geocache. 

25. Send a postcard.

26. People watch.

27. Take a scroll through sunflower fields.

28. Make a summer wreath.

29. Eat al fresco. 

30. Try out a new dessert recipe. 

31. Make slush puppies. 

32. Pick wildflowers. 

33. Have a BBQ.

34. Sleep with your windows open. 

35. Make your own salsa. 

36. Go fishing. 

37. Take a hike. 

38. Take a canoe ride. 

39. Stay inside because it is too hot to go outside. 

40. Do a walking tour of your nearest city. 

41. Wash your car properly. 

42. Practice yoga in the park. 

43. Play minigolf.

44. Visit the library.

45. Take a walk and listen to a podcast. 

46. Take photographs of nature. 

47. Go to an outdoor film screening. 

48. Skim stones at a pond. 

49. Walk barefoot. 

50. Go to the zoo or a city farm. 

51. Mow the lawn. 

52. Eat a slice of watermelon. 

53. Find fun shapes in clouds. 

54. Camp in your garden.

55. Collect seashells.

56. Play kickball. 

57. Make s'mores.

58. Lego challenges.

59. Spend the day doing things that don't cost a penny.

60. Make a list of things when you are bored. 

61. Write a novel or short story. 

62. Blog. 

63. Vlog.

64. Buy a digital photo frame and fill it with your favourite photos. 

65. Dance like no one is watching. 

66. Print one of your favourite photos. Then enlarge it and put it in a photo frame. 

67. Watch an entire series on Netflix. 

68. Work on a puzzle.

69. Do something completely out of your comfort zone. 

70. Stargaze at night. 

71. Make a travel inspiration board.

72. Go for a scenic drive.

73. Plant a herb garden. 

74. Make a birdfeeder. 

75. Check out virtual performances. 

Have I missed something on the list that you think would make a good idea to do during summertime? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X