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Friday, 8 May 2020

10 signs you are an introvert

Hey readers, 

I am a full-fledged introvert and I have come to accept that which is absolutely fine. You may be asking the question, 'Am I an introvert?' well, I have come up with 10 signs that suggest that you could be an introvert. 

1. Time alone. 

You enjoy spending time alone - even if you are close to people you need time alone to yourself because takes a lot of mental energy to socialise. 

2. Inner monologue

Your inner monologue is hard to switch off and it is like the constant quiet voice in your head working overtime. 

You are a deep thinker and think about situations for a long time or pre-events on how to manage them. 

3. Alone.

You do your best thinking alone by yourself because you get distracted or you can't think clearly when someone else is talking about an idea. 

4. Small talk.

You find small talk really hard to master, it takes so much effort to take about meaningless things. You are much deeper and like to talk about deep stuff. 

5. Crowds.

You often feel alone in a crowd because it is hard to find connections with people, and being around others can make you feel like you ss not dir in an, therefore, feel more isolated when in a crowd. 

6.  Talking in front of people. 

There is nothing scarier than the thought of having to stand up in front of people and talk, the thought of having to be in the spotlight gives you cold sweats of fear. 

7. Cancelled plans. 

 Nothing brings you more joy then called plans because it means you don’t have to be on the edge thinking about the social interaction you have to endure.

8. New Friends.

Making new friends sounds so much hard work to do and be similarly compared to running a marathon. It is already hard enough to deal with keeping social attraction with you people you know already hard work to maintain. It is so much easier to dive into a book instead of having to think of what to say.

9. Acceptance. 

People should stop asking what is wrong because quite frankly you are happy don’t need external factors to influence your mood. I am rather happy being an introvert and don’t care that  I am not the norm, it took a long time but it is ok to be an introvert, there are some very successful introverts in the world such as J.K. Rowling and Einstein.

10. Attention.

I hate birthdays or anything that has to mean you are the focus and everyone is relying on you to engage with them. I much prefer to be in the background minding my own business without the stress of talking; it can be so boring having to talk utter crap just to please people.

What do you think about Introverts? Are you an introvert and do you relate to these signs of introversion? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers for reading X