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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Free Beauty Samples Are Perfect For The Holidays! **AD**

Freebie fans all know that receiving freebies is great regardless of what time of the year it is, but over summer these beauty freebies will become even more useful.

Even the smallest of the free samples are handy to take on a holiday. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Free Samples save Weight and Space in Your Suitcase

The perfume samples are probably the most useful to take on a holiday as they are lightweight and compact. Taking your favourite perfumes on a flight is risky as the bottle could accidentally break while in transit or go off due to the altitude or high heat. In addition, this is the perfect time for you to experiment with new fragrances. The alluring perfume adverts always advertise that their fragrances are either suitable for “day” wear or “night” wear, but to be honest not all of us are able to afford to have specific fragrances to match up to specific times in a day.

Taking perfume samples with you is a convenient way to make sure you smell great throughout your holiday. In fact, the postcard version is just about weightless and the foil helps to ensure the freshness of the fragrance. They are also small enough to store in your hand luggage or handbag for easy top-ups. This makes these free samples the perfect solution to save more space so you can take along more of your favourite holiday outfits.

2. Free Samples Can Help You to Avoid Baggage Charges

Taking along every full-size beauty product on your holiday will take up space that is valuable in your luggage. Replacing the regular sized products with samples could even mean you only need to take hand-luggage. When you travel light you won't have to pay for baggage fees, which is a definite win-win situation.

Keep in mind that many of the skincare freebie samples come in the 30ml travel-sizes or sachets, which meets up to the “100ml or less” rule when it comes to liquids. These samples are also easy to store in a small plastic bag which means you won't have to worry about decanting your beauty and skincare essentials into the travel size bottles, saving you both money and time.

3. Freebies Will Save You Money on Miniatures

It is really ridiculous how many of the well-known beauty brands charge such a high price tag to put their products into miniature bottles. Clever advertising and marketing may trick you into thinking you are saving money and traveling lighter, yet these cute miniatures which are found at most of the beauty counters are made to catch shoppers out when they are in hurry to finish those last-minute purchases for their holiday.

If your freebies include many sachets of the same product you may want to think about pouring them out into a mini jar. You can turn all those samples into a single neat freebie.

Top Hint: Hold onto those “7-day supply” skincare freebies. These are perfect when it comes to knowing how long the freebie is going to last while you are away.

4. They Will Keep Your Beach and Make-Up Bag Light

You may have never thought about claiming those foundation freebie samples, yet they are really handy for holidays. When you are packing a make-up bag for your holiday, a 1-week supply can free up tons of space so you can take with other products to make your holiday even more special such as lip glosses, and bronzers.

When you are on holiday, you will probably need to pack other skincare essentials such as after-sun. This could mean lugging around a lot more bottles, but free samples can really help with this. For example, not long ago I received a few free E45 skincare samples, which helped to keep my bag for the beach a lot lighter.

5. Safeguard Your Favourite Beauty Products

There is not much worse or heart-breaking than taking all your best beauty products on a trip abroad and they end up lost, spoilt or broken while you are away. The heat is known for spoiling perfumes, melting products or even separating liquid-based make-up. For this reason, it is always a better idea to leave anything expensive or valuable at home.

Free samples will often come in a tube or sachets which are made for travelling. You can also discard them before you come home, which frees up more space in your suitcase for gifts.

So before you rush into using your freebies or even throwing them away, keep in mind how handy these samples can be for your next holiday.
**This is an AD for wowfreestuff.**