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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Asos home ware wish list

Hey readers,

It's all about the spring clean and whilst looking on sites I stubbled across Asos new home range which I am so in love with. So here is a wishlist of items I would buy if I won the lottery.

1. rainbow lights.

Typo rainbow curtain lights

I love fairy lights and when I was scrolling on Asos and came across these lights I thought I really like the idea of all colours in one light, something a little bit different but has many colours shining on the string, which appeals to me greatly. I think these fairy lights would look great behind a bed and would set off the ambience perfectly on a cold, wet evening. They are Typo rainbow curtain lights (£25.00). 

2. Good vibes plaque. 

Sass & Belle rainbow good vibes plaque

When I spotted this Sasse and Belle Good vibes only plaque it made me feel happy inside. A great little decorative piece to brighten any room and make you feel good. (£5.00).

3. Rag rug. 

Ian Snow recycled rag rug

Ian Snow recycled rag rug is beautiful and it is environmentally friendly with recycling old materials which I think is a brilliant idea. Having a colourful rug is a great way of splashing colour into the room. (£10.00). 

4. Bathroom storage. 

ASOS SUPPLY orange bathroom set

Next on the hit list is this Asos supply orange bathroom set. This set includes a toothbrush holder and a trinket tray. I like the two-tone colour choice and slightly unusual colour theme going on. It is also made of ceramic and easy to give it a quick wipe over. (£10.00). 

5. Elephant hook. 

ASOS SUPPLY elephant hook

So, the final piece I have chosen is this elephant hook by Asos supply. I like the quirky and fun piece to have in your home I think anyway. It is in gold colour and made of metal. The hook is easy to fit securely on the wall however it is advised to use lighter garments. (£10.00).

What is your favourite piece? love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X