Monday, 12 October 2020

Reasons to love soft play.

Hey readers, 

 Now I am not a particular fan of soft play areas but I will venture out to one for my boys. When you're a child they are magical places and fun let's not forget. I will go out of my comfort zone to make my boys happy, not all the time but quite often even if I dread and sweat over it. Because let's face nothing beats making out children happy. 

* So I thought as I am a bit jolly having a drink *ahem* I would write some positive points about soft play and a reminder of why it is good to out to the daunting places.

* You can get a hot drink when they around like crazy lunatics. I dont often get the chace so as my bous get lost in all this newness and adventure with the hub I can relax sipping away at my tea.

* The little darlings get knackered out, therefore, a great way to get rid of all that pent up energy.
You can guarantee they will sleep through the night after a two-hour full-on session running around like Bolt! You're instantly winning at a stress-free evening and a quiet one to boot.

* It is a great place to go when it is raining as let's face it staying in can be hard to entertain when they are little and so energetic.

* It can help your child socialise, communicate and take it in turns with playing with the equipment. They will also use their working out skills, not to mention co-ordination with climbing up the padded walls, swinging from rings and kicking a football about. 

* A change of scenery for your child and play area can help stimulate and be engaging. Such as softball pit, slides, rope bridge. 

* As it is child friendly you don't have to worry about the noise your child makes and know that it is a safe environment to take your child.

* It's a physical activity to help get them active and use their bodies.

* As it is unstructured it allows your child to be free and use their creative skills and imagination. Which is all very good for their development. 

* It allows children to take risks and build their confidence in a newish environment. Inturn gives them confidence in themselves to be more expressive.

* it is dry when the weather is terrible.

* Mostly my children love soft play and get enjoyment in going as it is great fun for them.  
Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 11 October 2020

My Sunday photo 11/10/2020

Saturday, 10 October 2020

10 things I want for my boys

Hey readers,

I thought I would compile a top ten desires that I wish for my sons to acquire. So here goes: -

1. Happiness, obviously essential in my opinion, do whatever it is to reach happiness as long as no one is getting hurt.

2. Appreciation for life and the small things as beauty is everywhere.

3. Your own mind to use it in a creative way that makes you HAPPY.

4. Please be kind to one another.

5. Enjoy nature, people take it for granted but it is something else beyond beautiful.

6. Learn the art of moderation, I know mummy hates it but I promise you it will make life easier and a smoother ride.

7. Read because boy is it great escapism and has helped me in times of need.

8. Don't take life too seriously - don't think what needs to be done just enjoy the moment and simply be.

9. Don't rely on money it only lasts in the immediate moment but later you will be screwed.

10. Be true to yourself.

what kind of things would you add to the list of things you want for your children.  
Cheers for reading X

Friday, 9 October 2020

Top 10 advice for new parents

Hey readers,

Reminiscing on the time when I was blessed with having my first child I remember all those mixed feelings ranging from excitement, love, happiness, optimism, scared, paranoid, frightened, hopeful, dread, worry all rolled into one day, it is exhausting. 

It is such a massive change to have a child. It is such an experience from being at the hospital with all the support from the staff to suddenly leave or home is a very frightening experience.

 I never felt so frightened with the unknown and doubting how I was going to cope with something so small and precious. The massive realisation of knowing that I was my son's carer for all his needs and having this massive responsibility was just overwhelming.

I remember the first night at home, my husband was in the middle of a phone call in the other room and I was in the living room with my son and end up getting myself in a state and having the biggest panic attack ever. 

It was terrifying knowing that this is now my reality. No one in the pregnancy classes talks about emotions/mental health and how very delicate you are when your newborn arrives.

 The whole experience feels so isolating and a very lonely place to be. It does not help with the sleep deprivation enhancing emotions making the smallest thing blow at of proportion.

 Though do not fear it does get better with time and experience I thought I would offer my top ten list of things I wish someone would have told me when I had my firstborn.

1. Bottle feeding.

It's ok to bottle feed your not less of a woman because you do it. You do what is right for you.

2. Go outside.

Go out, don't stay in for six weeks it's utter bollocks. Don't let the walks cave in nothing beats a bit of fresh air and new scenery.

3. Books.

Save your money don't invest in parent books, focus more on you and what you think.

4. Trust. 

Trust in yourself you know more then you think

5. Sleep.

Forget the washing, have a sleep, you earned it and you are granted permission to live in a pigsty.

6. Skills.

Somethings as a mother doesn't come naturally for instance it took me about six months to grasp how to change a nappy and work the frigging steriliser. You have skills some are better then others it doesn't make you a crap parent your just human. We all have strength and weaknesses. Just learn to work with them and you will get through it.

7. Blog.

Write a blog, you feel less lonely and feel connected more with 'real' mummies

8. Youtube.

Learn to  love YouTube, it will help you during those late-night feeds

9. Help. 

Ask for help, no shame in it, if anything it is the strength that you recognise a problem and your willing to get it sorted out.

10. No pressure.

This notion of supermum is a pure fantasy we all make mistakes, mess up but we love our children non the less. 

Cheers for reading X

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Reasons why I love the internet

Hey readers,

 Could you imagine being without the me neither *sweating profusely at the thought*. 

The internet is my dear friend and it has helped me so much just as a parent which I would be at a total loss without it. 

I have made a list of the reasons why I am thankful for having such an amazing tool.

The internet is where you can find advice and talk with like minded people and generally just feel a sense of solidarity. 

Whether that be topics depression, parenthood etc wherein face-to-face be really difficult to talk to you can relax with a cuppa in a relaxed environment and talk openly with people in a similar situation.

The social media offers a variety of platforms such as blogging allowing you to meet others with similar interests and gain valuable knowledge, find a sense of identity and learn about yourself and the topics you're interested in.

The internet can be a fun way to get information on a whole a host of topics and it is so easy to access 24/7.

The internet lets you meet people from all around the world regardless of distance, money etc. It also provides a wider learning experience as your not limited to what you know but learn about different cultures, opinions and perspectives.

When buying products you can enquire and get information about your purchases. What with more reviews and feedback from consumers this has helped give a bigger picture of weighing up whether to buy an item or not. 

The net also gives you the opportunities to explore different avenues giving you more of a consumer choice. This would not have been possible years ago as pre-internet you would be stuck with the shops you could access. Now in this modern-day, you have more choice.

Research has shown that internet therapy has helped the reduction of onset post-natal depression as you can talk about your experiences leaving you to feel less isolated. Not only that meeting other parents can be a motivator and help make you feel better in your mood. 

Even if it just learning about other people's experiences or knowing that you are not alone with having negative feelings and knowing that others have manned their depression can make you feel better.

Opportunities can arise though the interest such as open university degrees, meeting new people or gaining aspirations to name a few can be down to logging on the internet and connecting to the online community.

Do you relate to any of these positive aspects of the internet? Love to hear your thoughts down below in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

6 ways to deal with rejection.

Hey readers,

Sometimes I just want to throw the towel in because I feel like a pile of shit. I am particularly venerable in feeling down because my confidence is at rock bottom.

 It can be really mentally draining when you are rejected all the time, it can be so disheartened especially when you have so much hope in that one thing.  So, how do you overcome rejection, well here my tops to cope with such a horrible feeling?

1. Cry.

 First of it is ok to grieve in a sense and have a  good old cry. I feel it is good to mope for a short period as it gives you more time to come round to the decision.

2. It will pass.

Reminding yourself that this feeling will pass and it will get better.

3. Distraction.

 A great way to try not to pay all your attention to the feelings of rejection is to keep yourself distracted. This will make you not feed into the downward spiral of a downer instead you can do something practical and deal with the feelings at a later date when you are calmer.

4. Acceptance.

Accepting the rejection and moving on. It may help to acknowledge that you are not the only person in the world to have experienced rejection. At some point in life, everyone will experience rejection even the most successful people can't run away from it either.

5. Think of the positives.

 Rejection may be a good thing for you. For example, if you attended a job interview you could ask the interviewer the reasons behind their decision to not employ you. This could potentially help you learn and help make changes to improve if needed.

6. Appreciation.

 Finally, I feel it is important to praise yourself as it is an indication that you are living your life and taking that risk by putting yourself out there.  It takes courage to put yourself in a venerable situation so take time to appreciate the work you have achieved.

What ways help you deal with rejection? how do you deal with rejection? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

50 of the best satisfying feelings in the world

Hey readers,

You know the feelings that are totally satisfying well I have done a list of 50 the best satisfying feelings ever in the world to nod along to.


  1.  Getting into a new set of PJs. 
  2. Pealing PVA glue of the back of your hand.
  3. Vacuum packing anything. 
  4. Finally getting water out of your ear.
  5. Pressure washing anything. 
  6. Opening a fresh jar of Nutella. 
  7.  Seeing your food coming in a restaurant. But you should always act surprised when the server actually arrives.
  8. Getting your hair washed at the hairdressers.
  9. Getting the last piece of food that is stuck in your teeth out. 
  10. Taking your socks off after a long day.
  11. When your song comes on the radio.
  12. Wrapping a present perfectly. 
  13.  Cleaning your ears out. 
  14. Picking off a dry bit of skin off your lips. 
  15. Sleeping in on a rainy day.
  16. Cracking your joints when they finally are ready to be cracked.
  17.  Getting the email you have been waiting anxiously for.
  18. The feeling in your stomach after you have been up and down on a rollercoaster.
  19. Finding money you didn't have.
  20. Stoping a microwave when it has 1 second left.
  21. Hearing the right song at the right time. 
  22. Realising you have more time to sleep.
  23. Rubbing your eyes without makeup on.
  24.   Being alone at home and basking in the silence.
  25. Taking a sip of the first drink. 
  26. Stretching out at the end of the day.
  27. Closing the curtains when it is dark and curling up in a blanket.
  28. Finishing a book.
  29. Working out to a super badass song.
  30. Having a pee when it feels like you have been holding it for nine years. 
  31. Taking your socks off and getting into bed
  32. Waking up from a nap and not knowing how long you have been asleep for. 
  33. Letting out a dramatic sigh.
  34.  Watching the rain from the window. 
  35. Drinking water after something spicy. 
  36. Putting clothes on straight from the tumble drier. 
  37.  Fresh clean bedsheets. 
  38. When the hiccups finally go away. 
  39. When the web page finally loads after waiting ages with the circle of doom.
  40.  Tearing off a piece of paper perfectly from a notebook. 
  41. Having a good laugh.
  42. Kicking through crunchy leaves. 
  43. Washing your face at the end of the day.
  44.  Going to bed happy and with a full tummy. 
  45. Taking your bra off after a long day.
  46. Opening a book on the right page you want.
  47. Watching your coffee and milk mix.
  48. Relaxing outside on a sunny day.
  49. Peeling the plastic of something you have just brought.
  50. The first snow of the season. 

Is there any other satisfying feeling that I have missed off the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

 Cheers for reading X

Monday, 5 October 2020

50 Terribly British Quirks.

Hey readers,

Do you know that people who live outside the UK would look at some of the behaviour we do and think what the F? Where we would not bad an eyelid. So here are some fun things we do that are perfectly reasonable.

  1. Using the term poorly. 
  2. The weather is one of the main topics of conversation. 
  3. Saying sorry to something that has happened even though you haven't even done something wrong.
  4. Eating beans on toast.
  5. Shouting your welcome when someone doesn't thank you for something you have done for them.
  6. Finding a trolley in the supermarket you don't have to put a pound in.
  7. Rearranging cups with letters in the store to form a swear word such as twat.
  8. Complaining about how much Freddo chocolate costs.
  9. Fish and chips at the seaside.
  10. Dunking biscuits into your cup of tea.
  11. Eating after eights before eight.
  12. Exclaiming the idolism, "keep your hair on" with A strong accent.
  13. Crisp sandwiches.
  14. Clotted cream on a scone.
  15. Marmite.
  16. Biting the top of a walnut whip.
  17. Sitting upstairs at the front of a double-decker bus.
  18. Come dine with me on channel 4.
  19. Being annoyed at someone posh on The Antique Roadshow and finding out the item is worth thousands of pounds.
  20. Fish finger sandwiches.
  21. Arguing over the correct pronunciation of scone.
  22. A soggy bottom.
  23. Arguing over how tea should be done correctly.
  24. Grabbing a bargain.
  25. Chip butty.
  26. Overjoyed when the car park ticket machine is broke and the car park ticket is free.
  27. Warming your socks on the radiator before putting them on. 
  28. Listening to the weather forecast.
  29. Socks with sandals. 
  30. Queuing.
  31. Staying in your pyjamas all day.
  32. Stealing toiletries from the hotel you are staying at. 
  33. Having hot chocolate with all the extras.
  34. Sneaking your favourite chocolate bar out of the tin before anyone else does at Christmas.
  35. A 99 ice cream.
  36. Eating Nutella out of the jar. 
  37. Buying yourself flowers. 
  38. Weird celebrity crushes. 
  39. Doing multiple Buzzfeed quizzes.
  40. Eating the stash of sweets/chocolate that was Meant to be for the kids. 
  41. Drinking juice directly from the carton. 
  42. Watching Only Fools and Horses episode for the 1000th time. 
  43. Watching dog and cat videos on youtube.
  44. chips and gravy.
  45. Ordering takeaway because you can't be bothered to cook.
  46. Proving your partner wrong about something. 
  47. Eating cereal for dinner. 
  48. Listening to cheesy pop. 
  49. Watching day time tv when your ill such as This Morning, Bargain Hunt or Homes Under the Hammer. 
  50. Having breakfast in bed. 
Can you relate to any of these British quirks? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 4 October 2020

my Sunday Photo 04/10/2020


Saturday, 3 October 2020

50 items to flip

 Hey readers,

Looking for a way to earn a few quid on the side especially with Christmas around the corner then a good way to do this is by a method called flip. 

What does Flip mean?

It is a term originated from America but to but it simply you buy something at a small cost and go on to sell it for a profit. 

Types of places to buy goods are:

  • Chruch sales
  • Auctions
  • Charity shops 
  • Library/university sales
  • Car boots
  • Markets
  • Wholesalers.

Then what you do is simply place the item on money selling app such as eBay, Facebook market, gum tree etc and then increase value for its worth. 

Make sure photos are crisp, getting loads of photos so the buyer and clearly see the product. Give information about the product if it is used or new etc can help get a good sale. 

Of course, if you are doing this long term which some people do. I don't personally just the odd thing here and there but you will need to think about buying items in bulk such as bubble wrap, paper, sellotape, envelopes and even the best deal with delivery. 

It is important to do your research if you want to do this long time. Nonetheless, you chose what you want to put in of course it could be the odd item.  

You definitely need time as it is work to put all the information together, making sure the item is a good condition and getting items posted. 

Anyhow, I have come up with 50 items which are brilliant for getting a good sell and it helps to have something in mind to look for when out in a charity shop or similar.


50 top-selling items to flip on selling sites to make a profit. 

  1. Vintage VHS horror. 
  2. Cashmere anything.
  3. New and used shoes. 
  4. Old gaming systems. 
  5. Car parts. 
  6. Bicycles.
  7. Textbooks.
  8. Disney stuff.
  9. Furniture.
  10. Power tools. 
  11. Designer watches. 
  12. Antiques.
  13. Basthtubs / proclein sinks.
  14. Ceramic decorations that are rare to find. 
  15. Concert t-shirts.
  16. Canvas painting. 
  17. Limited edition trainers.
  18. Baby and kid gear.
  19. Vintage eyewear. 
  20. Vinyl.
  21. Books. 
  22. Sports memorabilia.
  23. Old canning jars.
  24. Wine.
  25. Houses.
  26. Trailers.
  27. Websites.
  28. Vintage board games.
  29. Vintage toys.
  30. Anything related to Star Wars.
  31. Lego sets.
  32. Nutcrackers.
  33. Collectables.
  34. Outdoor furniture.
  35. Snow globes.
  36. Vintage cups.
  37. Glassware.
  38. Remote controls.
  39. Small antiques.
  40. Sterling silver.
  41. Mobile phones.
  42. Barbies.
  43. Pyrex.
  44. Power washing equipment.
  45. Record players.
  46. Vintage video games. 
  47. Appliances.
  48. Photography gear. 
  49. Scrap metal.
  50. Commercial equipment.
Have you ever flipped any items to resell? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 2 October 2020

How sensory helps me relax.

Hey readers,

Autism is hard at times to manage and I feel crap recently because I seem to be having frequent meltdowns due to added pressure socially. Plus additional important information I need process and adapt to new changes. 

So I have tried new ways to incorporate relation techniques into my daily life to help make me relax a bit more.

I know Asperger affects me in a way where I like doing physical hand movement type things as oppose to say thinking/meditating type things. I find some sensory activities can cause stress but others can create relaxation for me and stop me to obsessively checking of thinking  (as I also have OCD).

1) Firstly I absolutely love colouring. I have found it really helpful in giving me something to focus on and just being in the moment without constantly having several thoughts rushing through my head. It helps make me more relaxed so I can face challenges better too.

2) Planning something whether be a day out or activity with the kiddos I get pleasure from. Especially when it goes smoothly. I find it detracts me away from stress as again I focus on the here and now without worrying about things that I don't necessarily need too.

3) Personally for me there is something amazing about putting your head on a cold pillow.  Maybe because going into my bedroom (which is not often a lot cooler than other places in my home) can calm me down. I have several trips throughout the day to my room for 'timeout'. I found my temperatures get really hot when I'm anxious and faffing therefore feeling something cool can soothe me.

4) I have social anxiety, I do go out now but I tend to feel very anxious and on edge. So when I am using public transport I use a stress ball to help relax me when I get overwhelmed. It distracts me and I get to get rid of all that pend up energy and frustration.

5) This sounds weird when writing this down but brushing my hair helps relieve stress and I love the feeling after.

I know a lot of this stuff is a hands-on or sensory element but I am not one for sitting still I struggle sitting at the Dinner table for five minutes.

Cheers for reading X

Thursday, 1 October 2020

10 misconceptions about depression

Hey readers,

I have lived with depression for years, though some days are better than others it is hard to live with. There is always that one person who makes a snap judgement when really they are quite ignorant and have no idea of what a battle it is to live with depression. 

Here are my top ten misconceptions about depression that I have met over the years.

1. A golden oldie, all you need to do is snap right out of it. yeah, if it was that simple to just click my fingers and it the depression would disappear. At my darkest episode, I was healthy, eating well, exercising a lot and going out but I still felt shit. I did everything to make these dreading feeling and fear go away with no avail.

2. Drugs don't work, well actually that may be so and it may be down to thoughts but then thoughts are in the mind. Drugs have worked successfully for some people including myself and I have seen evidence of it impacting my quality of life. It does not erase everything but it reduces the immediate effects and helps lift you up to help you think more clearly and logically.

3. Depression is attention-seeking, maybe so for some people but when I had depression, in the beginning, I was ashamed and didn't tell anyone and hid away in my deep dark world behind closed doors.

4. Depression means your weak, far from it as you are living will this illness and having to deal with all the extra work it brings. It is very trying and you really lose your motivation to just do anything. Getting through it is pure hard work more then anyone would know.

5. Depression is the same as sadness, wrong sadness is short-lived with feelings of low. Compare that to depression which sucks all your energy, self-destructive at times suicidal battle for long periods all day and night is a hell of a different story.

6. You don't have depression if you are happy, well I disagree as I can have spiked up and down and all over the place. Sometimes I don't know whether I am coming or going

7. Depression is a result of stressful events, well that can be the case in some situations as we can't rule out the environmental factors. But you have to hear in mind that hormones, brain activity and genes also play a role in depression.

8. It's not really an illness, there has been evidence showing differences between areas of the brain that have less activity in contrast with brains of non-depressives.

9. It's all in the mind, sometimes yes but like point 6 there many factors that can not be ruled at as well when debating about where depression comes from.

10.  Talking about it only makes it worse, yes it can stir up bad emotions but it can help some people talk about feelings can help bring stuff to the surface and work through the emotions attached to issues. What you have to bear in mind is we are all different and what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

Cheers for reading X

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

60 autumn blog post ideas

Hey readers,

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of ideas on the spot so I have 60 fantastic blog ideas for the autumn period so you don't have to stress. Hope they help find some inspiration. 

  1. Autumn wardrobe capsule.
  2. Outdoor activities to do during autumn time.
  3. Your favourite autumn Instagram captions.
  4. How to deal with darker days.
  5. A seasonal recipe.
  6. A coat wishlist.
  7. Favourite autumn Instagram accounts to follow.
  8. Things to do in autumn with the family.
  9. Your favourite knitwear.
  10. Morning routine.
  11. Evening routine.
  12. A list of autumnal walks in your local area.
  13. Autumn bucket list.
  14. How to carve a pumpkin. 
  15. Different ideas to decorate a pumpkin.
  16. Autumn self-care routine.
  17. Autumn wellness tips. 
  18. Things to do on a rainy day. 
  19. Slow cooker recipes.
  20. Hot chocolate recipes
  21. Ways to embrace Hyggee.
  22. Why you like autumn.
  23. Your favourite autumn candles. 
  24. Halloween nail art.
  25. Halloween DIYs.
  26. Autumn photo props.
  27. How to take blog photos\ on darker days.
  28. 10 autumn stables.
  29. Frugal autumn meals.
  30. How to cut down on your heating bill. 
  31. Autumn bag essentials. 
  32. Autumn hairstyles.
  33. Loves and lusts for autumn.
  34. What's worth watching on the telly this autumn.
  35. Your favourite Halloween movies.
  36. How to keep warm this season.
  37. Places to go pumpkin picking. 
  38. Autumn date ideas.
  39. Product review.
  40. What I am thankful for this year.
  41. Your favourite autumn scents.
  42. Blog post ideas for autumn. 
  43. Share a Q & A autumn tag.
  44. Best bloggers to follow this autumn. 
  45. Your autumn workout routine.
  46. How to save money during autumn time. 
  47. How to layer clothes.
  48. How to deal with dry skin.
  49. Where to get cheap Halloween decorations.
  50. No cost fall activities.
  51. Top 5 autumn beverages.
  52. Autumn stables you can not live without. 
  53. Autumnal activities to do with children.
  54. Autumn/Halloween decorations you have in your home.
  55. Favourite Halloween memes
  56. Halloween costume ideas.
  57. Do an autumn photography challenge.
  58. Blogging essentials for autumn. 
  59. The boots you need this autumn.
  60. Share an autumn music playlist. 
Have I missed any good autumn blog post ideas out of the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheersn for reading X

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Ikeas magical charm.

Hey readers,

As a parent, some of the things I look for is activities to keep little ones occupied whether that be indoors or out. 

Nothing beats having time out from the home to get a break from the role of being an entertainer. One of the simple but very effective family days out for me personally is that big grey, blue and yellow striking building commonly know as IKEA!!!! 

It is one of my eldest sons favourite days out so much so that he begs me to take him there and goes ape s**t when we go past the building.

I had a brain wave and thought why not write right down reasons why I love this magnetically enchanted kingdom that young children gravitate towards. Therefore I have listed my top reasons why Ikea is simply the best.

★ Let's start with food, very essential criteria on any family day out and what is there not to love about cheap hot dogs, meatballs and ice cream where you can use a machine to release the lid of fatty yumminess. 

★ If you did not get an Ikea family card then you must as not only do you get discounts but also free coffee and tea, win-win!

★ The whole atmosphere wreaks of families as you get the sense of child-friendly ness with the layout being bright, playful with its tunnels for kids to run around or the fact you can get a complimentary nappy for FREE for young 'uns speaks volumes.

★ It is great for kids to be free in a magical area where they can play kitchens, jump on beds and pretend to work in an office or like my son imitating his daddy using the computers. 

★ There is free family fun on during the holiday times whether that be making bird boxes or at Christmas seeing Santa Claus, that will make a child's day, therefore, meaning you a top parent!

★ Baby care room is excellent thinking with the decor being fun and playful, little and large toilets, hop hops and the like. Makes any parent with a child go to the toilet or changing a nappy a lot lot easier. And as parents like anything making a task smooth and less stress.

★ There is four-hour free parking that is family-friendly again making it an easier enjoyable experience for everyone.

★ Essentially it is a cheap day out and everyone is happy what more could you want.

Now you have heard all these wonderfulness go explore and have fun.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 27 September 2020

my Sunday photo 27/09/2020

Friday, 25 September 2020

You know you are a mum...

Hey readers,

There is something strange about becoming a mum not only does your whole world change but you get this universal unitedness shared with other mums. 

This happened even though you don't know the
the person but you can relate and understand.
I am not your average mummy as I am autistic which can bring up an array of challenges as an individual and as a mum. 

Sometimes regardless of my disability I can listen, read or hear situations that I can identify with and feel the same way as that parent feels. 

OK, it can be very lonely being a parent but sometimes when you hear similar stories of motherhood that you identify you get this sense of solidarity. It can be uplifting to know your not the only one experiencing these situations. 

Therefore I thought I would make a list that is a general experience that other parents can identify with.

1. No!

Having to say NO a million and one times. I have never used a word so much until I had kids and used this word. 

2. The smell of little one's hair.

Smelling your little one's hair straight after having a bath. There is nothing that smells that amazing and I would even go as far as saying that I could almost lick the hair, haha!

3. Mum bag.

Why is that most common item in my bag is a dozen or so fruit shoot tops gathered up at the bottom?

4. Alone time.

That when you finally get time alone you still end up thinking about your child.

5. CBeebies.

You know the whole song to Cbeebies goodnight tune.

6. Referee.

If you have two children you are automatically promoted to a referee.

7. Bribery is key.

You are qualified in negotiating skills and bribe making.

8. silence is golden unless...

You have a panic when you hear silence and you think to yourself,  's**t what is it that is up to '.

9. Sleep.

Sleep becomes a hell of a lot sexier and you have never fantasised about anything as much as sleep.

10. Alone.

Being alone feels weird and you feel as if something is missing.

Cheers for reading X