Friday, 21 February 2020

97 things to declutter now!

Hey readers,

It is a brand new month (March) and what better way to start a new month then getting rid of some clutter in your home to give you a fresh start and some organisation to kick start your month.

 1. Get rid of unwanted apps on your phone.

2. Catalogues lying about in your home.

3. Unwanted coats.

4. Broken or chipped vases.

5.  Outdated vitamins.

6. Empty out your freezer.

7. Organise your cleaning supplies.

8.  Baby items over 5 years old.

9. Old never used mobile phones.

10. Small condiment packets.

11. Digital books that you have read or not going to read, clear out and make some room.

12. Water bottles.

13. Jars.

14. Tv series links.

15. Leftover party stuff that will never use again.

16. Hair products that have seen the light of day that you have stopped since changing your style.

17. Toiletries and perfume you hate the smell of.

18.  Broken or unused jewellery.

19. Old tote bags or backpacks.

20. Wire hangers.

21. Damaged clothes.

22. Plastic lids without containers.

23. Extra coffee cups.

24. Cooking tools, appliances, utensils that you haven’t used in over a year.

25. Cds.

26. DVDs.

27. VHS tapes.

28. Anything you are tired of dusting.

29. Puzzles and board games that are missing pieces.

30. Old remote controls.

31. Old prescription glasses.

32. Toiletry samples.

33. Toys your children have outgrown.

34. Broken objects you plan to fix.

35. Community newsletters.

36. Old receipts.

37. Loose paper.

38. Gift cards with no value. Toiletry samples.

39. Toys your children have outgrown.

40. Throw blankets you don’t love.

41. Mismatched gloves.

42. Mismatched socks.

43. Parcel collect cards.

44. Old guide books.

45. Finished puzzle books.

46. Out of date timetables.

47. Old party invites.

48. Digital music you never listen to.

49. Digital movies you never watch again.

50. Dead plants.

51. Old candles that cant be burnt again.

52. Old phone chargers.

53. Phone books.

54. Expired coupons.

55. Old keys.

56. Dried out pens and markers.

57. Duplicate office supplies.

58. Junk mail.

59. Worn out bras.

60. Pyjamas you never wear.

61. Worn bedding.

62. Clothes that don’t fit.

63. Belts.

64. Purses you don’t use.

65. Old pillows.

66. Worn towels.

67. Unused or broken hair ties.

68. Tablecloths, napkins, placemats etc that you never use!

69. Stale food.

70. Expired food.

71. Food that you just don’t like.

72. Spices that have been around for way too long.

73. Broken dishes.

74. Broken toys.

75. Excess artwork.

76. Old school bags.

77. Old school paperwork.

78. Old sponsor forms.

79. Theatre programmes.

80. Sports programme.

81. Clothing that has air-dried.

82. Old stuffed animals.

83. Kids shoes.

84. Dried up nail polish.

85. The lipstick you never did like the colour of. 

86. Multiple hairbrushes.

87. Old calendars.

88. Finished notebooks.

89. Out of date letters.

90. Take away menus.

91. Product guarantees for stuff you no longer have.

92. Save the date cards.

93. Broken objects you plan to fix.

94. Community newsletters.

95. Old receipts.

96. Loose paper.

97. Gift cards with no value.

Cheers for reading X 

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

75 Blog Ideas For March.

Hey readers, 

Need some blog inspiration? then look no further as I have 75 blog post ideas so plenty to help get you feeling inspired to write this March.

1. How do you relax?

2. how has 2020 been so far for you?

3. Mother's day gift guide. 

4. What have you been reading lately?

5. List your own blog ideas.

6. Is there something that has recently irritated you? Why not write a rant post and share it. 

7. Make a myth vs fact post. 

8. What is your make up routine?

9. What is your morning routine?

10. How do you relax after a long day?

11. What are your favourite Youtube channels?

12. What are your hobbies?

13. March bucket list. 

14. Trying a new look for Spring.

15. Spring cleaning tips.

16. Spring skincare routine. 

17. How to deal with the clocks going forward when you are a parent. 

18. Spring scent must-haves. 

19. Favourite spring nail polishes. 

20. Write about spring fashion trends.

21. How to put a spring in your step. 

22. How to become healthier this spring. 

23. How to achieve your goals this spring. 

24. Reasons to love springtime. 

25. Why you should start blogging in spring. 

26. Spring room decor. 

27. Spring homeware haul. 

28. How to maintain a healthy mindset this spring. 

29. Spring Instagram themes. 

30. Spring Instagram captions. 

31. Your favourite time-saving hacks.

32. Create a blogging mood board. 

33. Party theme ideas. 

34. Do a review for a monthly subscription box. 

35. Your outfit of the day blog post. 

36. Make an A to Z post and share with your readers. 

37. Spring themed meal ideas. 

38. 48-hours in [insert city].

39. 10 places that you want to travel and explore. 

40. A round-up of the most popular blog posts.

41. Share your me-time must-haves. 

42. How to motivate yourself on 'off' days.

43. 5 bloggers you admire and why?

44.Your favourite Instagram pictures of all time. 

45. Your rainy day playlist. 

46. The worst place you have visited. 

47. What's your personality type (take a quiz and show the answers). 

48. 10 things that make you happy right now. 

49. Your favourite road trip. 

50. Describe your best day as a mom.

51. Describe your worst day as a mom.

52. Post a picture and ask readers to caption it.

53. Share a dilemma that's plaguing your family right now.

54. Write a letter to your future self. 

55. The worst pick up lines.

56. Healthy changes to make this year.

57. TV shows you are watching this spring.

58. Earth day ideas. 

59. St Patrick day activities to do with children. 

60. How to get outside more. 

61. Reasons to be more green in your life. 

62. Movies that you are excited to see.

63. Transitional fashion pieces from season to season.

64. Create a DIY piece for your home and show your step-by-step process.

65. What do you find inspiration?

66.Your favourite hashtags to use.

67. Three things you bring on a desert island. 

68. 3 books you recommend. 

69. March kids craft ideas.

70. Tell your in-laws exactly what you think of them (as long as they don't know your blog!).

71. Why SEO is necessary for your blog.

72. The best lessons you have learnt in life. 

73. Best places to get royalty-free images. 

74. Why do you need a blog planner?

75.Your favourite things to do over the weekend.

Have I missed out any good blog ideas for March? Love to hear your comments in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monday, 17 February 2020

Simple playdoh recipe.

Hey readers,

Looking for a cheap activity to do with the children that is simple and no stress? Well, you have come to the right place, as I have a simple and easy playdoh recipe that kids love to do. It doesn't cost the world... result!


 250g of plain flour. 
 50g salt. 
 140ml of water.
1 or 2 tablespoons of water. 
• Few drops of colouring, though this is optional. 


• Mix together the flour and salt into a bowl. add the water and oil.

• Knead the mixture well for about 10 minutes so that the consistency is smooth but not sticky.

• Then add the good colouring into the mixture and kneed so that it is all blended in together.

• Store in a bag or cling doom onto the fridge to chill enough to use.

There you have it easy as 1 2 3! Enjoy!

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 16 February 2020

My Sunday photo 16/02/2020

Friday, 14 February 2020

What is Triyit?

Hey readers, 

Who doesn't like free stuff? Well, one way of getting free food and drink is signing up to Triyit Discovery Club

Once you have signed up to the site and created a profile you have to wait to see if you get chosen to receive a free discovery box of new food and drink items. 

Over the past 9 months, I have been selected twice however, I am not sure if there is a formula or just random selection but selection varies from one individual to the next.  

However, to get chosen after you have received your goodie box is to complete the tasks. They are really simple as you are given a booklet which explains what the company want you to.

 The more you participate in tasks the more points you get. It is really straight forward with posting pictures on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and using the designed hashtags which can be found in the leaflet with the box. 

This is a great way of promoting products. There are additional things you can do such as record yourself opening up the box and looking through the items. Then post it on to Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

Now the items are entirely free and you get 5 products.

The most recent Triyit box I received this month (February). I received 5 items which are Whitworth's snack shots, can of Starbucks double espresso shots, hummus crisps and a graze protein bar. So, as you can see a variety of items to try and see what they are like. 

Also, to point out once you have received the box in the post a few days later you will get an email where you have you fill in the feedback of the discovery box. It is important you fill in the feedback form or else you will not be eligible for future campaigns.

This is what the Triyit box looks like, it is really secure and doesn't take long to arrive. It is disputed by My Hermes and I have never had a problem getting the package delivered to my door. 

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso.

I am not a fan really of coffee in cans for the simple reason I like a sweetener in it. However, I like strong coffee. 

My husband enjoyed it greatly especially when he needed energy for my son's chess tournament. 

Overall as coffee, its self goes with the flavour I would give it 4/5.

Graze Protein Oat Bites. 

I really enjoyed the texture and flavour of these Graze Protein Oat Bites. What is even better is that afterwards, I found them really filling with the protein. 


Peperami Beef Bar

The peperami stick is quite strong in flavour which I enjoyed. It is a good snack to have that fills you up and the fact that Peperami is only 69 calories per stick is a winner for me. 


Eat Real Hummous Chips. 

These crisps or chips are interesting in flavour with tomato and basil, quite subtle in taste. They're also vegan and less fat in them compared to other crisps which make an alternative snack. 


Whitworth's shots.  

I love these shots because of they so good with the cranberries and raisins with a sprinkle of Belgian white chocolate. They are also 98 calories and just an allrounder fab snack to have at home or on the go.


Below is a video I did on my Youtube channel unboxing the Triyit Box. 

Finally, Just a reminder to make sure you share as much as possible because that means more points which results in a higher chance of getting boxes in the future. 

Cheers for reading X  

* I have been gifted the Triyit Discovery Box in exchange for views. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. *

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

How to make a recycled bird feeder.

Hey readers,

Did you know this month is bird feeding month? What better way to celebrate than making a recycled bird feeder. Not only is it helping the environment but green too. 

What you will need. 

 Plastic bottle with lid. 
Twine or string. 
Birdseed (which you can get from your local animal store) 

How to make the bird feeder. 

1. Make sure that the bottle is washed and cleaned before using and also make sure you have the lid for the bottle. 

2. Cut a hole in the side of the bottle big enough so that the seeds can flow freely but also making sure it is not too big that the seeds will fall out. 

3. Then near the bottom of the bottle make a hole that goes through the other side. Put one pencil in and then do the same again but above the first pencil so then will make a perch for the birds to sit on whilst getting the food. 

4. Measure the twine or string, you need enough to hold the feeder. 

5. Put a two holes at the top and thread through twine or string through them. 

6. Then fill your feeder with bird seeds. I would recommend using a funnel if you have one, makes it less messy to pour into the food into the bottle.  

7. Finally, find somewhere suitable for you in your garden to tie the feeder and there you have your very own bird feeder. 

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Be careful to not do this activity if you are allergic to nuts. Be careful with the scissors and ask an adult to help. 

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 9 February 2020

The importance of the library

Hey readers,

Ever since I was a young girl I adored the public library. I used to go there every week.

 Even though I lived in the care system and other kids would tease me because apparently, it is not the done deal to read books, you should be smoking a spliff instead.

 I still loved going to the public library and it was my favourite thing to do. I used to get excited for when the day came.

 I felt so free to be surrounded by books of all sorts and knowing I could make the decision to which ones I wanted to read.

Now that I am an adult, one of my favourite places to go is the library. I love reading and the feeling of escaping in a book. It stops me obsessing about my thoughts for awhile allowing me to have a breather.

Libraries are a beautiful place for all to access. It doesn't matter about your background, age, sex, disability etc the doors are open for you to come and explore if you wish.

I love the fact now that I am a parent I can share my love for libraries on to my children. They too can have that experience in choosing books and learning. escaping and the enjoyment of reading.

 Not to mention that the library has a role to play in education as it provides the tools to further reading and help the child understand the topics that are taught when they are learning.

I find so much joy going to the library and just taking time to look around, knowing I can borrow anything feels like I am in Willy Wonka Chocolate factory for bookworms. 

I love that there are new and old titles you can take out. I like to time to read sometimes books, there is a sense of community when others are doing similar things to you. 

Even though you might not speak to anyone, there is that sense of community spirit.

Also, I go to the library now as an adult to do my blogging work. I use it as a place where I can get a lot of work done in a short space of time.

 Having that opportunity gives me a sense of achievement and I feel good after as I have not wasted time being distracted at home.

I come to the library as they offer invaluable service for my children to take part in the community by having library activities such as in the past rythme time with then they were younger.

 It introduced them to books, songs and words. I now can go there with them for storytime to help get them excited to read and be around other similar aged children.

 In the summer my library offers reading challenges and at the end the child to read x amount of books gets a certificate.

 My eldest loves this because feels proud that he has achieved something. Also during the summer holiday, they offer activities and storytime each week to go alongside the summer challenge. 

It is a great way to do something structured once a week that doesn't cost me a lot but helps my son's development and rewards him in other ways.

So, as you can see there are so many benefits for libraries, I am lucky that my library hasn't been closed down as it would be a real shame for a lot of people. 

Especially vulnerable and elderly as it does provide a positive service to the community.

Cheers for reading X

My Sunday photo 09/02/2020

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Hair bobble hacks

Hey readers, 

I have a ton of hair bobbles and thought what can I do with all these hair bobbles other than putting my hair up in a ponytail. Here are top hair bobble hacks you can use. 

1. Trousers.

If your trousers are too tight then a way to create an instant extension is to thread a hair bobble through the buttonhole and wrap it around the button, while you can still enjoy your trousers but also have room to breathe.

2. Cords. 

Got a load of leads that makes an area look messy, no problem use a hair bobble to wrap around the leads to keep your cords neat and tidy. 

3. Pencil grip. 

Wrap a hair bobble around a pencil or pen then you have an easy grip to help with easing the writing strains when using a pen/pencil. 

4. Wine bottle. 

place a hair bobble on the neck of the bottle this will then mean the hair bobble with catch any wine drips after pouring a glass of wine. 

5. Curtains.

If it is windy and you have the windows open and the curtains flying everywhere which drives you mad then simply wrap a hair bobble around the curtain. This will give you an instant solution in stopping the curtains from blowing everywhere and tie them in one place.

6. Food bags. 

Need food bags to keep food fresh and what to reuse at a later date? No worries wrap that bobble around the bag and there you have instant food bag clips and don't have to spend a fortune on bag pegs. 

7. Pump soap dispenser.

Wrap a hair bobble on the tube of the soap dispenser, just above the neck of the bottle. Now you have the soap dispensing not as much soap and a slower pace means you save money and don't waste money. 

Do you use hair bobbles other than ponytails? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:


You know that feeling when you have too much to do and not enough time. God I am definately feel like an old person saying that, but it is so true. I'm so tired again as we are in the middle of decorating and it feels like everything is on top at the moment. A few times I have had to have time out as needed some head space. I think the cluster and distribution brings me a bit down. This is because  nothing is in order and chaos is added to the feelings. Why does everything take twice as long when you have toddlers, I'm just so frustrated. I wish I was laid back and just went with the flow. Today, I'm just going drink tea and read and sod everything as that is the kind of mood I'm in.
Sorry for being another depressing one but I am too honest for my own good at times. This is me and my life.
Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Things you need to about visiting warwick castle.

Hey readers, 

If you are looking for a brilliant day out in Warwickshire than one fab place to visit is Warwick Castle.


Warwick castle has so much history dating back well over 1,100 years.

There are many stories about the different architecture changes over the years, where battles have occurred and then the castle, in the end, being used as a royal stately home. 


There are many rooms you can view and see how the royals used to live with the decor and the mannequins help give you a feel of what it used to be like. 

You can walk around the entire castle and up all the different towers. Once you reach the top you can see the breathtaking views of Warwick and beyond. 


Overall Warwick castle showcases over 64 acres of stunning grounds where you can wander and take in the atmosphere. 

During the warmer weather, you can picnic as there are plenty of benches to have to make a day out for the whole family. 

Within the Warwick Castle grounds are the beautiful peacock gardens with water fountains and you can see many peacocks roaming freely, which my 6 and 8-year-old loved observing how they behaved. 

Horrible History Maze. 

At the beginning entrance on the left of the grounds, you can get a passport card and find stamps in the Horrible Histories mazes.

The maze has different features of history such as the Slimy Tudors and Frightful First World War. 

The maze will get children who love the show or books of Horrible Histories and it is open all year round and included in the ticket.

 The maze is a fun place to get lost and find many dead ends and tricks to stop you in your path. 

Once you get all 6 stamps you can claim a free pop badge at the shop in the grounds. 

Birds of Prey. 

During the winter season, there is the Bird of Prey where you can see the birds of prey show what powerful and beautiful creatures they are. 

These include vultures and owls that fly from the castle ramparts. 

Castle Dungeons.

There are the castle dungeons, though with the age of my boys they didn't recommend it (6 & 8) so we opted out on that to visit. 

Nonetheless, this is another attraction offered at Warwick Castle where you go down and experience the dungeons and see live actors demonstrate the darkest and bloodiest times at the castle. 

The Time Tower.

The Time Tower goes through a visual journey of how Warwick Castle began and how it became the place that it is now.

 You can listen to the stories of the powerful figures that shaped the history of Warwick castle. 


During the winter season, Warick Castle opens from 10am till 4pm.

 There are plenty of toilets including disabled and baby changing facilities. 

Merlin Pass. 

Warwick Castle is also part of Merlin Attractions (I have a done a post here explaining all about Merlin).

So you can visit as many times as you want with the pass, which is handy for me living not far from Warwick. 

However, getting to Warwick Castle is straightforward enough the Castle is well signposted, and less than two miles from junction 15 of the M40. 


Warwick Castle,
CV34 6AH (for standard parking).


Warwick Station is approximately one mile from the Castle. A direct service into London Marylebone (1 hour 45 minutes) or Birmingham Snow Hill is available.

Standard car parking cost £6 (but free with a premium merlin pass). 

Sunflower Lanyard Scheme.

Also to mention that Warwick Castle does support the Sunflower Lanyard scheme for those with hidden disabilities. 

The lanyards are a discreet way of bringing hidden disabilities to the attention of our staff.

Cheers for reading x

my Sunday photo 02/02/2020

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Help your child feel confident.

Hey readers,

Sometimes children are complex or they have for whatever reason may not feel confident in doing something. 

  My eldest is quite anxious and nervous regarding certain things and I have worked with him to help reduce that anxiety.

 Here are some things you might want to try with a child who does not feel confident to help boost their self-esteem.

 Positive praise.

The most important tip to help boost a child’s confidence is to make them feel good about themselves. 

You can do this by giving your child positive praise because it is focusing on the good things that the child has done. 

The child themselves might not see the good so it is important to praise them for when they have done something noteworthy and speak to them about it. Y

ou need to keep praising your child as this will help them gain that confidence to know that what they are doing is good and it is getting the praise it deserves.

Allow your child to try it out and learn for themselves.

Sometimes the best way to help a child learn is to allow the child to learn by themselves in a safe environment.

 Let them do something without your help to see what works and what doesn’t. 

This is a great learning tool and I think one the best ways to get a child to learn.

 I know it is easy to instantly go in and help your child. However, allowing them to test it out themselves gives them that first-hand experience.

 They are more likely to remember what happens and no what to do instead to get a better result. Also, they can build their understanding of a subject by trial and error.


Encourage your child to do something even when the child protests. 

Sometimes they are scared to try something, which is why it is good to encourage them to do it and give it ago.

 You never know they may find out they like the thing they have tried. Sometimes going out of your comfort zone can be scary at first however, it can once be done do wonders for your self-esteem.

Ask for their opinion.

One of the greatest ways to get an understanding of your child is asking for their opinion and listening to what they have to say. 

This helps build a strong relationship on respect and understanding on both sides.

 It allows your child to feel appreciated and ultimately it will give them trust to know that there is a safe place to come to and be heard.

Make a special time together.

A great way to give your child something special is having 1-2-1 time with them doing something that they enjoy.

 You don't have to be flash, it could simply be having a child read a story or letting them tell you something about what they have done that day.

 I think it is important for the child to have dedicated time as it gives them attention and to feel loved.

 It is not always easy for the parent when so much is going on but even ten minutes of interrupted time together makes a massive difference for the child.

Cheers for reading X