Monday, 18 March 2019

7 Places to go to get a free hot drink.

Hey readers,

Who doesn't love a freebie? Well today I bring you 7 places where you can get your hands on a free hot drink how amazing is that?!

1. Ikea. 

If you haven't already then I would recommend you get an Ikea family card. It is really easy to do just pick up a form online or in store and register your details. In the next few days, you will receive an Ikea family card. It gives you benefits such as 10% of sale items, free product insurance, food offers and of course free tea or coffee during weekdays if that isn't enough of incentive I don't know what is. 

2. Waitrose. 

If you have joined up with MyWaitrose loyalty scheme you can get free coffee, however, Waitrose last year have stopped using disposable cups you do need to bring your own reusable cup to access this free offer of tea or coffee at the self-service machine. 

3. Greggs. 

This next opportunity is a one-off offer where you can get a hot drink (regular size tea, latte, coffee etc) when you sign up to Greggs reward app. The app is available on Apple and Andriod. Once you have signed up you have 31 days to go in the store and claim your free reward. 

4. O2 Rewards. 

If you have an O2 sim then you can every week on a Tuesday or Wednesday get a free drink at Cafe Nero (plus you can add the stamps on the Cafe Nero app and when you get 6 stamps you can get another free drink anytime you want from Cafe Nero). 

You do need to scan the barcode from the O2 rewards app and the free drink is only available after 12 pm.

5. My John  Lewis.

You can sign up to the free John Lewis card where you can get a free cake and hot drink this month. 

6. My Gatwick. 

If you are travelling ar Gatwick sign up to My Gatwick and then you are entitled to free coffee amongst other offers. 

7. Booths. 

If you live up north then you probably have heard of Booths which is a food, wine and a grocery store. Sign up to the Booths loyalty card and when you take in your reusable cup it entitles you to a free hot drink. 

Are there any other places that I have missed off the list where you can get free hot drinks?

Cheers for reading X 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

My Sunday photo 17/03/2018

My eldest made my hubby a Welsh flag 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 for the rugby yesterday. He was so happy 😊

Saturday, 16 March 2019

10 reasons to love Ikea.

Hey readers,

Did I ever tell you that I love Ikea....No? Well, let me tell you why!

1. First off to love Ikea you will need an Ikea family card as it allows you to have items at a reduced rate, result.

2. With the Ikea family card you can get free coffee or tea during the week, Monday - Friday. I like this as it gives me the motivation to leave home when I am skint. Going to the Ikea cafe I can drink my tea whilst looking out of the window at the view of the city, which I find rather relaxing.

3. If a drink isn't enough to wet your appetite then having breakfast for £1.75 (need Ikea family card again) will definitely cheer you up. Especially on these dark and drizzly days.

4. I know some people don't like looking around Ikea. I really like looking at the different rooms, I find it rather refreshing to see a different way to lay out items.

Image result for ikea

5. As parents entertaining children can be expensive, even going to the cinema on a Saturday costs extraordinary amounts. That is why if something is free I celebrate it and faithful Ikea does not let you down in regards to free stuff. Ikea regularly has free kids days where you can do some craft. Near Christmas, they have free Santa to make your kids beyond happy.

6. Let’s not forget the dream that is a free soft play area called Smalland for kids, whoop for parents to shop in peace. It has everything in there for your little ones to get excited about, from ball bits, loads of toys, Kids film played in the background and even a build den. Not to mention it is free for a whole HOUR plus if you have the Ikea family card you can get an extra 30 minutes.

7. If you are looking to buy something and need to discuss details with staff in the area of enquiries there are kid’s activity stations to keep little ones amused.  I also like the fact that the toilets have small toilets and have hop ups for little ones. These small little details make all the difference in your shopping experience when you have a child with you as well. There are free pencils and paper tape you can get in Ikea. This is great fun to take around Ikea if you want to entertain your child. Who doesn't love free stuff?

8. The best bit about Ikea? Free WiFi of course :p

9. Let's not forget the lovely scrumptious iconic Swedish meatballs that everyone loves from Ikea. There is something about meatballs in the sauce that just fills your heart with joy when you go into the restaurant.

Related image

10. If restaurant food doesn't tickle your pickle you can cheap chips and a hot dog for under a couple of quid, great way of taking your kids out for a treat. You can even get ice cream for 50p, so super budget friendly.

Overall, going to Ikea is awesome for a cheap day out and it is inside so you can stay try too, dream come true for parents.

Cheers for reading X

Friday, 15 March 2019

Mother's Day guide 2019

Hey readers 

It is March which can only mean one thing... Spring  Mother's Day on the 31st of March. So there is still some time to get some ideas together for the mum in your life. 

If like me you are sick to death of the sickly sweet Mother's Day stuff that is everywhere in shops then check out my guide below of funny Mother's Day gifts. 

1. F*ck off. 

Check out this brilliant Fuck off pineapple eye mask from Prezzy Box for £6.00. Because let's face it we could all feel like saying this at times but sometimes it is much better to have a nap instead ;)

2.  Milk it. 

This milk jug is so cute and funny all rolled into one. It is not only a milk jug but also a personalised Don't cry over spilled milk jug, can't beat a play on words. The jug is from Prezzy Box  for £11.00.

3. #Mumlife. 

I love this next item as it a great way to colour your stress away and so relatable in this digital world that we parent in. It is the #mumlife a snarky mum colouring in book for £5.99 on Amazon . It consists of relatable pictures to laugh and colour in such as, 'bra off, hair up, sweats on, pop cork'. 

4. Winging it. 

Next is this slogan jumper with the ever so relatable winging it catchphrase, where I am sure a lot of mum have felt like this from time to time to time. You can purchase this lovely jumper from Etsy for £19.00. 

5. Crap! 

When I spotted this tote bag with the funny slogan on, 'My crap bag' I know this would be a hit with parents. If you look inside a mum bag you will found a lot of crap so this is very apt. It is £5.99 from Gaga kids

What is your favourite item on the list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cheers for reading X

Thursday, 14 March 2019

10 things to do in Coventry with children.

Hey readers,

I live in Coventry so felt inspired to do a post all about things to do in Coventry. There is a mixture of free or paid, outdoor or indoors that make perfect family days out.

1.War Memorial Park. 

The War Memorial Park is a large and beautiful park in Coventry that showcases formal gardens. The children will love it as it has a sand park plus in the summer has a water park. 

2. The Odean cinema. 

If you're looking for something to do with children indoors then Odean maybe the one. They have a kids club where a film shows once a day where it is discounted at the weekends and every day during the summer holiday.

3. Coventry Transport Museum. 

This is a motor museum for all and it is perfectly situated in the city centre. It showcases a collection of British road transport from bikes, cars, cars and cycles for you to explore and learn about the history of British transport. It is free entry for all and is open every day from 10am till 5pm. Also, check out the website as they do have activity sessions however they do charge you for them.

4. Coombe Abbey Park. 

Situated on the outskirts of Coventry is a beautiful park that has over 500 beautiful gardens, woodlands, lakes etc. Perfect for a family day out and even has picnic benches to eat al fresco. 

5. Herbert Art Gallery.

This is ideally located in the city centre where it has a wide selection of art displays from the natural world to the Old Masters and even interactive pieces to your little ones interested. It is free as well so makes a cheap day out for the family. 

6. Lady Herbert's Gardens.

Just a little further up the road from Coventry Transport Museum is Lady Herberts Gardens. Great if you want to have a sit down as plenty of benches, also lots of lovely flowers and greeny to see if you want a wander around. Also, in the summer great for having a picnic outdoors. 

7. Coventry central library.

Has plenty of books to loan out, free events such as open mic poetry and book tours, plus there is also rhyme time and coding club to take the children too. In the summer you can participate in the reading challenge where every other week you get a stamp for reading books and at the end if you read six books you get a certificate and medal. A great way of getting children into reading and doing some free over the summer holidays. 

8. Coventry cathedral.

Opposite Coventry Herbert art gallery is the Coventry cathedral with the old ruins that are still intact after the wall. Also, there is the new cathedral that is build to represent the old cathedral.  you can view the beautiful architecture and the history of Coventry. 

9. Coventry spy mission treasure trial.

Image result for 9. Coventry spy mission treasure trail.

Pick up the spy mission themed walking treasure trail around Coventry. Then why not explore Coventry on this self-guided Spy Mission themed Treasure Trail. As you follow the Trail route, can you solve the sneaky clues set on existing buildings, permanent features and monuments to crack the code and complete the mission just like a true secret agent?

10. Coventry Canal Basin. 

Coventry Canal Basin is in the heart of Coventry (Bishop Street) there are shops, boat hires, small businesses and a range of historical canal artefacts for you to explore.  on the canal trail are 15 artwork commissions and it makes a great walk for the family to check them out. 

Cheers for reading X 

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

10 reasons to take up a hobby!

Hey readers,

Have you ever felt like you are missing something or need to learn and expand your mind? Well, maybe one solution is to start a hobby and learn should start up a hobby today.

1. Challenges. 

Taking up a new hobby will give you that thrill of a challenge and something to problem solve. It will get you thinking of finding a solution to a situation.  

2. Stress relief. 

Hobbies give you that opportunity to wind down and do something for you that you can relax. It is a great opportunity to give you some stress relief and do something that brings you joy. 

3. Personal growth. 

When you start learning something new it allows you to grow as a person. If your talent like being good at art adopting this into a hobby can help increase your skill, practice and have better overall performance in enhancing that skill. 

This will not only help you improve your skill but also it helps give you a feel-good factor in knowing that you have learnt something and you can reap these rewards within time. 

4. Self-confidence. 

When you decide on a hobby you want to do it gives you self confidence because your learning and it is helping you grow as a person. 

Seeing the changes can give you the boost in feeling better about who you are as a person. Plus, when taking on a hobby you are doing something for you that can lift your mood because it is constructive and has a positive effect on your life. 

5. Sense of purpose.

Having something to do and finding ways to improve your knowledge on topics can give you more meaning in life. Hobbies can make you feel good because you feel you have a purpose to do something for you. This, therefore, can help with staying physical and mental activity for longer. Overall, it can give you a longer more fulfilling life. 

6. Friendships and social skills.

Some hobbies are done in a group such as an art or writing group where you meet like-minded people. This can help you improve your social skills or even make positive friendships in your life. 

7. Learn new skills. 

Of course, you could learn something new when you take on a hobby it doesn't have to be something you already can do. Hobbies can help you learn new skills such as knitting or learning to do Salsa.

8. Get out of the house. 

Having a hobby that is somewhere outside is a great motivator to get out of your home and doing something elsewhere instead of being stuck in the four walls. 

9. Opening your mind up.

Taking on a hobby allows you to learn more, think more about different ideas and opens your mind to new possibilities. 

10. New opportunities. 

Some hobbies such as blogging, for example, can give you new opportunities such as getting paid to do a blog post or review a service wherein some situations you may not have been able to afford that luxury. Alternatively, you may meet other like-minded people and it is a great way to connect.

Do you do a hobby? have you found a hobby that benefits your life? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

10 signs of a mombie

Hey readers,

Even heard of the term mombie or do you think you may be one yourself, well I have 10 telltale tales below. 

1. Caffeine. 

You only function when you have coffee in the morning and let's face it has to be about three cups of stone cold coffee. 

2 Bedtime.

Never has the thought about going to bed been so sexy. It appears that the mombies fantasize about bedtime rather frequently during the day and she doesn't care about getting the latest trendy clothing oh no sleep rules fact. 

3. Dishes.

You thought as you sat on the sofa half dead that evening that, sod it! I don't need to wash the dishes this evening because I am too tired. The dishes can be done in the morning. Turns at the following morning you are extremely miffed about the idea of doing the dishes in the morning. *Doh, hand me my cold cofffee*. 

4. Forgetfulness.

Due to suffering from mombie, it appears that you are forgetful 90% of the day. Many times has the mombie walked into a room and just completely forgot what the hell she is doing in here. 

5. Tip.

Looking at your home it is a tip because let's face it mombies are too tired at this point to even give a sh*t what Kim and Aggie would make of it, that is what cupboards are for hiding the mess ;). 

6. Fashion. 

The ultimate conundrum is whether it's worth getting changed or just hang out in your pj's with no bra on all day long looking like Waynette Slob and actually not giving a f*ck.

7. Sleepyhead. 

When a mombie looks in the mirror she will resemble a panda with your dark black circles around your eyes, hell she could fit right in at the zoo.

8. Zone out. 

When you see a mombie she will look vacant in the face as almost as if mentally she is not here and you would be right. Zoning out is an art form that a mombie will have perfected during her time being a mum. 

9. Snooze. 

Mombies where ever possible will seek the opportunity to have some shut eye. One competition a mombie has to face is being stealth mode in trying to not get the child to see the mombie shut her eyes. She loves kids telly for only one reason and that is for her to get the change to have a snooze when the child is not looking. 

10. Emotional.

With a mombie you get exhaustion which causes havoc on the old emotion. One minute the mombie maybe in a jolly mood the next she may be rocking in the corner as she has only realised that it is only 9 am in the sodding morning.

 Also, mombie has a predator 'the husband' who can not be tamed with passive aggressive comments to attack the target with, unless he supplies mombie with a hot coffee then all is forgiven. 

Do you identify with a mombie? love to hear your thoughts below. 

Cheers for  reading X