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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Why money cant buy you happiness.

Hey readers,

A lot of people assume that to be happy you need money. Yes to some extent you need to survive but money isn't everything there many other factors that influence your happiness. Below I have outlined why money can't buy you happiness.  

Why money cant buy you happiness.

1. Free activities. 

Money can't buy some things such as cleaning or going on a walk can bring joy and that doesn't need to be brought to get the feeling of happiness. 

2. Memories.

spending time with someone or people can create happy memories and that doesn't have to be money-based. It could be simply watching the tv playing a game but something funny happens and can bring you joy.  The memories are what can bring happiness and that is based on time spent with people. 

3. Internal happiness.

True happiness comes from inside, it is that realisation that we have and can't buy that. It is contentment based on feelings and the way you feel about your self. Sure you can buy yourself something to get that buzz of happiness but that is short term. Happiness from within is long-lasting and can impact how you feel in the long term. 

4. Geniune relationships.

 You can't buy relationships that are genuine and real. There will be a time when you know who your real friends are and to have that special gift is priceless. You cant buy that authentic friendship, it is real and can give you so much happiness just to know someone has your back is so much better than having millions in the back in my opinion. 

5. Attitude.

I think attitude is a big player in bringing you happiness. The way you view your situation and being grateful for what you do have can really impact your happiness levels. I always remember my nanny saying to me when I was young that there are always people better off than you and there are other people that have less then what you have. 

I think it is important to not hold on to this idea that money can buy you happiness. sure money has a place such as proving food or a roof over your head but realising that there is a point that happiness comes within. 

It is important to not compare yourself to others, you on your own journey and even if you don't have the fancied things that jo blogs have got that is ok because there are things to be grateful for. Taking time to appreciate what you do have is key in helping you find happiness within. 

What are your views on happiness? love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 1 March 2021

How to trick yourself into becoming a morning person

Hey readers,

It can be quiet hard to get motivated especially in the morning when you have just woken up. That doesn't mean you can become more of a morning person with practice. Here are some tricks below in practising to become a morning person. 

How to trick yourself into becoming a morning person

1. sleep schedule.

By following a sleep routine can help you get your body into order and get used to the concept of getting up early in the morning. It is important to be consistent and you don't have to go wild but shifting even just 15 minutes early can help train your body to cope with the mornings. 

2. Time. 

Don't expect results immediate change takes time and you need to take one step at a time. Keep practising what you are doing is vital. Even if it is not perfect the first go or even month that is ok. Allowing yourself to make mistakes or not getting the results you want can help you keep motivated and stick at the change.

3. Wind down. 

Make sure you leave electronics all devices behind and not bring them to bed. That means less distraction and giving your mind the change to wind down and get sleepy. Also, try to avoid programmes like the news that can potentially cause an emotional response especially during the current climate with all the uncertainty. I find a good book that can help you get tired and want to go to sleep. it also relaxes me and my mind.

4. Time. 

Get up every day at the same time as this helps train your body and mind to get used to the mornings. Another benefit with the time you feel less groggy because you have already prepared to get up at a certain you are ready to face the day ahead.

5. Alarm clock.

An alarm clock is always handy to have even though you may think you get up naturally at a certain time it is always better to be safe. That is why having an alarm clock is important because the blaring noise helps you get up in the morning. 

It is important however not to have the alarm clock to close to you as you may be tempted to constantly press snooze and that is not good for you. Make sure to put your alarm clock in a place not too far but enough to physically get you up in the morning. Just the fact that you have to get up out of bed is the start point in helping you wake up in the morning. 

6. Light up. 

Light, whether that be natural or artificial, can help you wake up in the morning as this helps reset the circadian rhythm (helps controls your daily schedule for sleep and wakefulness that is tided in with your 24-hour body clock) and make you more alert. 

You can do this by opening curtains or blinds to get as much natural light in as possible. Or during wintertime a lightbox to help create lightness in your room. 

Do you do mornings? and if you do how do you manage to get motivated for the day? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X 

Monday, 27 July 2020

How to be content.

Hey readers,

In this day and age, it is hard not to compare yourself.  I for one am guilty of this, it is so easy to assume that one has it all whilst you feel like you are floating above the water.

We can forget that what you see with your eyes on the surface may not be the actual truth. How can possibly know everything about someone when we only see a glimpse.

That is why it is important to look for content within and not on unrealistic ideas that assume make others happy.

Sometimes you can fall under the trap of negativity, where all you see is the bad stuff. That is why it is important to take stock of what is good in life. No one has it all but I am a true believer in that there is one good thing in life even if it is small.

Today I felt sad as if my life is going anyway. I could continue down the negative spiral but won't get me anywhere, it will just make me feel ten times worse.

The things I have succeeded in is getting up and making sure my children are well and happy. I have read a book and even writing this post is productive.

I think it is important to accept the things you do have and not dwell. Being content with yourself so a hard thing to achieve when there are so many messages everywhere telling us to be like this or that. You feel like you are questioning everything.

I think the main that I have learnt in my adult life is meaning and the value you put on something. I think that is a powerful thing. If you let go of connecting to something you would be amazed at how little impact it has on you.

I think the thing that is key in being content is questioning everything and working out what it means to you. Deep down is it really important to you?

What do you think about being content? Love to hear your views down below. 

Cheers for reading X

Shank You Very Much
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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

10 reasons to take up a hobby!

Hey readers,

Have you ever felt like you are missing something or need to learn and expand your mind? Well, maybe one solution is to start a hobby and learn should start up a hobby today.

1. Challenges. 

Taking up a new hobby will give you that thrill of a challenge and something to problem solve. It will get you thinking of finding a solution to a situation.  

2. Stress relief. 

Hobbies give you that opportunity to wind down and do something for you that you can relax. It is a great opportunity to give you some stress relief and do something that brings you joy. 

3. Personal growth. 

When you start learning something new it allows you to grow as a person. If your talent like being good at art adopting this into a hobby can help increase your skill, practice and have better overall performance in enhancing that skill. 

This will not only help you improve your skill but also it helps give you a feel-good factor in knowing that you have learnt something and you can reap these rewards within time. 

4. Self-confidence. 

When you decide on a hobby you want to do it gives you self confidence because your learning and it is helping you grow as a person. 

Seeing the changes can give you the boost in feeling better about who you are as a person. Plus, when taking on a hobby you are doing something for you that can lift your mood because it is constructive and has a positive effect on your life. 

5. Sense of purpose.

Having something to do and finding ways to improve your knowledge on topics can give you more meaning in life. Hobbies can make you feel good because you feel you have a purpose to do something for you. This, therefore, can help with staying physical and mental activity for longer. Overall, it can give you a longer more fulfilling life. 

6. Friendships and social skills.

Some hobbies are done in a group such as an art or writing group where you meet like-minded people. This can help you improve your social skills or even make positive friendships in your life. 

7. Learn new skills. 

Of course, you could learn something new when you take on a hobby it doesn't have to be something you already can do. Hobbies can help you learn new skills such as knitting or learning to do Salsa.

8. Get out of the house. 

Having a hobby that is somewhere outside is a great motivator to get out of your home and doing something elsewhere instead of being stuck in the four walls. 

9. Opening your mind up.

Taking on a hobby allows you to learn more, think more about different ideas and opens your mind to new possibilities. 

10. New opportunities. 

Some hobbies such as blogging, for example, can give you new opportunities such as getting paid to do a blog post or review a service wherein some situations you may not have been able to afford that luxury. Alternatively, you may meet other like-minded people and it is a great way to connect.

Do you do a hobby? have you found a hobby that benefits your life? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. 

Cheers for reading X 

Thursday, 24 January 2019

top 10 reasons to move your body more

Hey readers,

It's January which means we know all about the frequent messages about improving your health. So, why do we need to move more, well let me tell you the benefits of increased activity in your life?

1. Move. 

shallow focus photography of person walking on road between grass

When you move more you feel so much better physically and mentally to help enhance your quality overall. Hopefully being in better physical health can also have a knock-on effect with general life and the way you respond to it.

2. Doctors. 

Keeping fit can actually reduce the risk of needing to go and see the doctor for help. It produces lowering the risk of developing health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

3. Reminder. 

pink bell alarm clock showing 2:10

 If you set your alarm every 20-30 minutes as a reminder to get up and move more can help your spine and allow it to get stressed by just moving around can be a big help towards your posture.

4. Calories. 

 Of course, when you are moving about it helps speed up your metabolism which then means you are burning more calories which is all good in keeping fit and well.

5. Circulation.  

orange heart decor

 When you are moving about it helps you with circulation by working your heart and getting vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells. This then helps the body be more efficient and getting the body to work quicker.

6. Warmth. 

When you are moving more it means you are naturally getting more heat to your body and this is really important during the colder months.

 Using exercise is a great technique if you are struggling with the cold even if it is just moving from one room to the other you are working your body and getting warm by working your muscles. Not only is moving good for circulation but also when you walk more, you sweat more which is a natural way for the body to get rid of nasty toxins from the body meaning a more healthy you.

7. Hormones. 

woman holding blush emoticon during daytime

When you are walking the body is producing the feel-good chemical endorphins that help improve your mood but also it is a natural pain reliever which apparently can help reduce the risk of tiny tears in muscles and tendons. Being more active has helped severe suffer from arthritis as overtime keeping active help with reducing stiffness in the body.

8. Metabolism.

Not only does exercise help with your metabolism it also helps with your immune system making it stronger and reducing the risks of getting a cold or any other gem related illnesses.

9. Sleep. 

woman sleeping on bed under blankets

Exercise helps you get a better quality night sleep which will also work with again improving your immune system and metabolism making your body be even more efficient.


 Regularly excising can help improve your energy levels meaning you have the energy to do more stuff which will again it will make you feel better because you are getting stuff done and will enhance your mood.

Do you do exercise and does it help your health?  Love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers for reading X