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Friday, 25 January 2019

7 tips limiting child's screen time

Hey readers,

Do you struggle with trying to manage screen time then here are some ways you can help get a balance? Let's face it technology is important and a big part of our lives but it is about controlling their lives and not dominating it.

1. Meals.

When you have meals a ban on technology is the best, you will be amazed at how they can adapt. It is a good thing to have as a firm rule as this helps and it means more change of you know talking with one another instead of looking at screens.

 I think it is a much more pleasant way to have dinner together. Also, it allows your child to be mindful of eating instead of rushing. Your child can, therefore, enjoy the simple pleasure of eating their food because when they are on screens they are so preoccupied that they are aware of what is happening to the food when they are eating it.

girl sitting on chair

2. Time.

Set about how much you think realistically a child should use a tablet/computer or whatever and make sure you set a timer and also don't get in on the tech they are using. As children are crafty and can turn it off as I myself have learnt in the past.

3. Ban.

Personally, I think not having technology in a child's room is best whether it is TV or whatever. They then don't get distracted and it definitely improves their sleep without wanting to play games or watch all the cartoons or night long. 

If you have technology in the bedtime you can not monitor it or see what the child is doing, having technology-free zones allows you to monitor what the child is doing online.

4. Hobbies.

Try introducing a new hobby for when they are bored like learning a musical instrument or putting stickers in books anything that keeps their mind busy without having to think about technology.

boy sitting on chair beside table using tablet computer

5. Parental controls.

Make sure when they do use the tablet, for example, make sure that there is parental control especially on things like Google Play because children can easily spend a million pounds on your account if they access in one click. The best way to stay safe is to set a password. 

6. Talk to your child.

Discussing the dangers with your child is really beneficial for them to understand what it means and why you respond to technology the way you do. The more child understands the better chance they will comply with you in working together as a family, instead of fighting and arguing over the technology.

7. Age appropriateness.

Being aware of what your child is doing is key in making sure that what they do on the interest is appropriate for their age. 

My child is 7 and he desperately wants to play Fortnite. There is no way I or his dad would let him, as we feel it is not appropriate even though no one dies in the game. We feel it is too graphic and it is not appropriate, it would not benefit at this time in his life and may trigger him quite badly at this age. It is important to do your research and read or talk to others on their experiences with their children.

What things do you do to help protect your child with screen time?

Cheers for reading X