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Friday, 18 March 2022

My spring clothing wish list 2022.

 Hey readers, 

As of 20th March, it is officially Spring, yay which means lighter nights, warmer days, and not so many layers in clothing. I have selected 10 pieces of garments that I think are amazing and would love to have for the spring season.

My spring clothing wish list 2022.

1. Yours Clothing - £23.99.

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

My first piece is this lovely light green knit from Yours Clothing. It is light but it is not too heavy but great if you just want a little bit of extra clothing on to keep you warm.

2. Asos - £25.00.

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

This next piece is from Asos is a lovely mini midi dress in bright pink and red with the fun design of flowers on, a great design to brighten up my wardrobe. 

3. Kaleidoscope - £59.00.

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

Sometimes during changes of season, it can be hard to know what to do regarding coats as sometimes it can be too hot for a full coat and sometimes is enough to protect you from the chili breeze. Well, I have a perfect solution to this dilemma with this stunning purple blazer from Kaleidoscope is a perfect statement piece to have you can wear smart occasions or wear it casual with trainers and jeans making it a very versatile piece to have. 

4. River island - £32.00. 

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

Coming in next is this casual number from River Island with this light blue oversized shirt for the perfect casual look and it is so versatile whether it is done up or let loose you can make it match any outfit you want.

5. Sainsbury's - £22.00.

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

Nothing says comfort like mom jeans and these jeans are a little bit different than the norm with the white daisy embroidery on them, they will be perfect to team up with a white t-shirt and trainers. You can purchase these jeans from Sainsbury's.

6. Matalan - £12.50.

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

This pink top from Matalan is so cute with the thrilled sleeve top, it will keep you warm but not too much so partnering with trainers is perfect for the spring season. 

7. Asda - £12.50. 

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

Of course, with every great outfit a good bag is a must, Check out this lovely black pleased crossbody bag from Asda. It is black so makes it suitable for a variety of different outfits that you can wear throughout the springtime. 

8. Next - £80.00. 

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

Having a gilet is a great piece to have in the wardrobe especially during springtime when you want something a bit warm but not too hot this is a perfect solution for the dilemma, This is a longline belted gilet from Next which open and close depending on how warm you are and the colour I really like in khaki green. 

9. Joules - £45.95. 

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

This dress from Joules is a lovely yellow spring colour with the spots to brighten anyone's day up. It is a lovely floaty dress that you can wear for casual park dates having picnics or dressing it up with tights and a cardigan for when it is more chili days to be had. 

10. Monsoon - 55.00. 

My spring clothing wishlist 2022.

These beautiful green cotton trousers from Monsoon with detailed floral embroidery at the side of the pockets and embellished with miniature beats give all the bohemian vibes. 

What is your favorite clothing item that I have picked for my spring clothing list? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X 


Friday, 21 August 2020

Trends that should die now!

Hey readers,

There are so many trends that come and go. Some better than others and some that should just die out now. So, here are my top 5 trends that I think are awful that need to go ASAP.

Watch out girls then is a returning trend that is coming this summer - underbun! If you have not heard of an underbun it is basically where you have such short shorts that your bottom slips out.

Image result for underbun

 Now I don't care about flesh sharing but sometimes girls can show far too much for the eyes to see.

Nude leggings are just a no-no for me, sorry. They are not attractive and tell everyone the truth, no one wants to see them stretched over your backside unless your stick-thin it is revolting. 

They are also in a disgusting colour and they just not flattering at all, if you own a pair do us all a favour and bin them!

When will people learn of the dreaded nude leggings and how much it scares everyone

What is it with glitter in your roots, seriously it looks like someone has sneezed on your head or you have a really bad case of coloured dandruff. Whoever thought this was cool, it is not, so please just die off!

See the source image

A recent trend that is growing in popularity is fur slides. To me, they look like something that resembles a middle-class lady of leisure that struts about in her silk dressing gown. They just look cheap and tacky, seriously if Rihanna fell off the cliff would everyone else jump off too?! I am glad I am so old that I just don't care anymore (not that did when I was younger) to care about being hip and fashionable.

See the source image

Tracksuit bottoms with the word juicy plastered on the bottom just look awful. I thought they had there day but they seem to be reappearing in my local area, please just stop, I don't want to be forced to look at your bottom.

Image result for juicy tracksuit

Fake tan just looks horrific, streaky and unnatural. Why to do this, it is just not right, are they blind, do women not see this. Ok, some can get it right but a majority go overboard or can not blend it incorrectly causing it to have that lovely streaky marking. I have done it once myself, never again.

 I looked like the angry orange and wasted money when I could have just brought a bar of chocolate and have been happy as Larry.

See the source image

Are there trends that you wish to fizzle out promo? Love to hear your comments in the comment section down below.

Cheers for reading X

Monday, 18 May 2020

Printsfield Personlised sock review *AD*

Hey readers,

I just love quicky items that are just so fun and the internet is an amazing place to find different shops that can cater to your needs. 

I was lucky enough to be asked to review some socks by Printsfield, of course, I said yes because of one socks and two there quicky what's not to love.

 Below is my design with a picture of my beloved cat who sadly passed away so it is a great memory to have to wear close to me when I am feeling low. 

 Now let me tell you some information about Printsfield because you may not have heard about them and want to know what the deal is. 

Well, Printsfield is an excellent online shop that provides may different personalised goodies ranging from socks, pants and laptop sleeves. You can add a personalised touch with a photo of your choice to add on the product. 

It easy to complete an order as all you need to do is when completing your order download your photo onto the form and the rest is dealt with. 

I know Coronavirus is impacting delivery so bear that in mind. Still pretty pleased with the delivery service which took roughly three weeks considering it was delivered from another country (Poland). 

The detail on the socks is ace and really good visually with the picture added onto the socks. I chose the galaxy print to go with my picture on my socks which I like a lot. Of course, there are different patterns you can incorporate with your product. The material is really good quality and I can't fault it to be honest. 

The price of the socks is £16.95 and they are currently on sale so go grab a hot deal. There is also a 20% code on all items if you use the code thisiswhereitisat20. 

One last thing to mention with the personalised socks or any other of the personalised items as there is many to choose from they would make a perfect gift especially with Father's day around the corner. 

The unique and fun factor make a perfect combination of giving someone you know something different for a special occasion. 

Cheers for reading X

This is an ad  Printsfield in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Monday, 24 July 2017

Save some cash this Summer 

Hey Readers,

We are in the midst of sale season so what better time than now to grab a bargain. I have checked some of the hot deals that are currently available online. A brilliant site to check out is Love The Sales is the place to go to find the top bargains online. The site gathers over 600 UK retailers all under one site so it is easy and hassle-free to find a bargain that you want. There are so many items whether it be homeware, accessories or clothes the world is your oyster on this site!
In this post, I have selected five items that tickle my fancy. Check out on these corkers of a bargain down below.

1) How beautiful are these Fred Perry

mint Kingston twill Dusty trainers. They look so comfy and perfect for the autumn school run. I love the colour and something different to add to your wardrobe. Originally the trainers cost £50.00 but now you can grab them for £30.00.

2) The second item is a Vivienne Westwood  hali checked taffeta dress. Was €498.00 now you can get it for €249.00. I love the fit and it looks so floaty as well.

3) Look at this beautiful long, red jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins.  It is a cracking bargain as you can still wear it during autumn/ winter by layering it up. It costs now £17.99 and the original price was £29.99.

4) Is this classic Fred Perry gingham shirt. I just love gingham and it looks really funky in a shirt. It did cost £59.99,  now cost £41.99.

5) Another top deal from the wonderful Dorothy Perkins is this lovely black cold shoulder top. Great fir casual wear and is very versatile. Was £26.00 now £10.80.

What I love about all these items is they will have plenty of wear and I can wear them throughout the year sbd wear them for a good few years, which makes this frugal person very happy indeed.

There are so many good finds in the sales could not possibly add them all. What kind of things have you found in the sale? Do you love a good sale?

Hope this has inspired you and thank you for reading X

This post was via LoveThe sales.