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Friday, 8 November 2019

**AD** #FriendshipFriday

Hey readers, 

Did you know today is the 8th November which means #FriendshipFriday that coincides with anti-bullying week which happens every year in November. 

This post is all about the SockShop campaign about bullying and self-harm. 

Sockshop is working together with Kidscape who work with children and want to see children grow in a world without bullying and harm.

 They provide advice, training and practical tools for children, families, professionals, and carers to prevent bullying and protect young lives. 

So, for this campaign, the wonderful people of Sockshop designed a very special edition od Elmer the  Patchwork Elephant socks to celebrate the famous children's book character's 30th birthday. 

Below are pictures of me trying out the Elmer socks which have the distinctive patchwork rainbow trademark pattern on the socks. 

I found the socks super soft and made from bamboo which is great for me as an autistic person who appreciates soft material. 

They also when wearing the socks all day don't get sweaty and are super comfortable perfect for keeping your skin soft and protected. 

Also, the socks have a smooth hand-linked toe seam which is fabulous for sensory issues.

 The socks come in men, women and children's sizes. I want to find out more information about the socks click here.

For every purchase of these socks, 10% will go to Kidscape which will help support which is important charity work. 

Cheers for reading X 

I have been gifted a pair of Elmer Sockshop socks in order for a review and raise awareness for the charity. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.