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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

The 6 best board games for 5-8 year olds

Hey readers, 

1. Hungry Hippos.

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A game that will get everyone excited is hungry hypo where each player will have a hypo which they will have to press the button to open and close the mouth. The idea is for you to get as many balls as you can once they are placed on the board.  My boys can spend actual time on this game because it is easy to master and then bang the competitive strikes appear. 

2. Shopping List. 

Orchard Toys Shopping List
Orchard Toys have got a brilliant game for kids called shopping List. The aim of the game is to get a shopping trolley (cardboard cutout) and then one shopping list (which has a list of food items) then you get all the item cards and turn them over and each player calls out the card. Once the person has got the item they then can place it into their shopping. Once the person has all the items off their shopping list they win. 

3. Pass the pigs. 

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Pass the pigs is a fairly simple idea. It involves two pigs that you put in the container roll like dice and once on the floor depending on the position of the pig will get a set score, e.g. if both pigs are on the back they score 5 points. You have a score pad and pen to write the score down. You can go write the page or do a set amount until people get bored. That is the beauty of the game, fairly simple once you get going and it makes my boys laugh because of the way the pigs land. Don't worry if you don't remember what score is for what position as their guide book to help you understand. 

4. Snakes and Ladders. 

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Now that my son is 5 years old he can manage this classic game of snakes and ladders. You have to roll the dice and move your counter alone the board, which square is numbered. You have to be careful as if you reach the snake you go down the board but on a brighter note if you come to a ladder you can go up further along the board. Once you reach the square with 100 on it you win. 

5. Operation.

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The operation game is a body on board and cuts holes to where the organs are in which the player needs to retrieve. You have to use your coordination skills to use the tweezers to get the body parts out of the body without touching the body. If you do touch the body it buzzes and then you do not get that body part.  

6. Bunny Jump. 

Bunny Jump Board Game

The aim of the game is to get as many carrots out of the burrow before the rabbit jumps out of the whole. Be careful mind as the rabbit jumps in the air so make sure you are on your guard to catch him.  The game comes with four baskets for each player and a spinner which indicts what you can do as a player - whether that take two carrots, miss a go or forfeit a carrot. 

What kind of board games do you like to play with your children? 

Have you played with any of these games I have mentioned above?

Cheers for reading X