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Friday, 29 March 2019

10 thoughts whilst standing in the queue.

Hey readers,

I am terribly British as I love a good moan and I have a hatred for queues.

So here are some of my thoughts that have entered my mind whilst moving my feet about and admiring the sweet section near the tills in a massive queue.

1) How dare anyone other than I be here. They have a f*cking check.

2) Seriously, I have just lost half an hour of my life when I could be spending that time at home stalking on Facebook.

3) Why did I just not simply use Amazon, FFS!

4) Should I or should I not buy some chocolate when I reach the till.

5) Life sucks.

6) At least while I am here I don't need to bother with housework or anyone nagging at me. I can just get sore feet from standing around doing sweet F.A.

7) Do I really need this stuff, yes, of course, my life depends on having some cheap emoji socks to brighten my mood?

8) I curse my husband, how dare he request me to buy stuff from the shop. He will pay, mwahahahahaha.

9) Why the f*ck is there no signal, I am so not shopping in Sainsbury's anymore, take that!

10) OMG, I can not believe this shop does not have WiFi. Don't you know it is a human right and now I am cut from human existence even though I am surrounded by people? It is SO totally different? I need to know what is going on in the social world, what coffee people are photographing or the brilliant cat gifs that are emerging on the web.

 I think I may need to go to the hospital as my arm feels cut off from not accessing the internet for 20 minutes, I am getting serious bad withdrawals.

Cheers for reading X

Sunday, 30 December 2018

5 things I have in my bag

Hey readers,

When I go outside of my home I always feel the need to, have a bag with me. of course, now and again there are times when I do such as popping down the road for something quick. However, most of the time I will carry a bag, it feels part of my outfit and if I don't have a bag on me I feel lost without.

Anyhow, in this post, I am going to open my bag and tell you the five things that are essential items to have in my bag.

1. keys.

I think having keys is one of the most important items to have if you have a home and take responsibility in looking after it. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have lost your keys. I make sure my keys are secure in a separate department in my bag from security.

2. purse.

Having a purse in my bag is important not only to hold my money and the piles of receipts in it but about I reckon 10,000 loyalty cards also. My special loyalty card has to be my Ikea family card because during the week it allows you to have free tea, whoop. Life is much better when you have a cup of tea when shopping.

3. Tissues.

Someone somehow needs a tissue although to be fair it is normally my husband who uses most of my tissues. Though when your parent the number of colds and constant snot dribbles when they start school is also important to keep an emergency supply of tissues in my bag. I really should have shares in Kleenex.

3. Lip balm.

For years now I have had lip balm in my bag. I have quite dry lips and often get quite thirsty so to help I whack a bit of lip moisture on the old lips to keep them from cracking especially during in winter grrrrr.

4. Hairbrush.

I have a handy pocket hairbrush that when you push one side the bristles pop out and on the side is a handy mirror to check your hair is neat and give it a brush over especially during the winter weather when my hair at times can resemble a birds nest, haha.

5. Bus pass.

My bus pass helps me with my autism and trying to live more independently. I can use my bus pass when I need to escape a stressful situation. It provides me with access to all the buses.  I have lost my bus pass several times as I am clumsy or get anxious and can sort of forget everything else that is happening. I have learnt to keep my bus pass next to my keys in the secure pocket of my bag. This is because my bus pass is really important to me and if I lose it I feel like poop.

What things do you have in your bag and that toy can't live without?

Cheers for reading X