Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Things you can get away with because it's Christmas.

Hey readers,

 Christmas is a funny old time of year, everything that is 'normal' suddenly goes out of the window.

Then it is replaced with temporary social rules that are seen as acceptable, whereas in any other situation that behaviour could be potentially frowned upon.

 Take alcoholic beverages for example, when it is Christmas you can get away with drinking any old time.

 It doesn't matter whether it is morning, midday or evening although, ideally people expect you to be sozzled by the time the Queen's speech is on.

Things you can get away with because it's Christmas.

Any other time you of thinking of drinking alcohol during the day you would be labelled an alcoholic.


What is it with chocolate at Christmas? You start Christmas day morning opening chocolate and then you just carry on nibbling away. This then results in your children bouncing off the walls with relatives telling you how to manage your children.

That leads me nicely on to the next point of the fact, Christmas is all about stuffing your face with calorific food.

It is alright at Christmas to have four meals with snacks in between. We are so overindulging in gluttony during this festive time that we forget about moderation and all the other 'messages' about eating healthy.

Christmas time is all about what you can eat like a pig because no one bats an eyelid and in fact, those people are more likely to buy you some more chocolate as a present because you can not get enough sugar.

Christmas is the time when the only numbers you have to worry about is when Eastenders is on. Forget about the calories during Christmas as it is a free calorie zone for the foreseeable few hours.

No guilt what so ever about the telly being on all day long blasting out, it's socially acceptable during the Christmas period to watch TV for 10 hours if you please.

How else are you going to get through the afternoon with granddad snoring in the chair and your children of their tits on sugar?

Who needs routine when you can do as you please on this special day. Forget all about the rules and let's add disruption to the order of the day.

Sit on your arse, watch TV, eat the mountain of chocolate with the drink in the hand at two in the afternoon and do SOD ALL. Why, because it's Christmas, you can be lazy and do nothing during the Christmas period.

The main goal is to relax and make the most of it without the guilt, because who needs guilt on Christmas.

You can wear pj's all day long if you desire without anyone passing judgement or calling you a chav/jobless scum of the earth. Because IT'S CHRISTMAS and the lazier you are better!

For parents, you may secretly help the child with finishing the chocolate after boxing day as they can't live off the mountain of chocolate given from the grandparents.

I suppose the best bet for a parent, like myself, is that I don't have to feel guilty about the indulgent food or the telly being on or even the fact I am looking at my phone too much.

It is that one day that the rules can be broken and anything goes. Mummy guilt can fuck off for one day in the year, result!

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  1. It is funny how all the rules go out of the window. I would never usually let my kids have chocolate before school but in December it's absolutely fine. hehehe I do love this time of year x