Bargain Poundland storage finds.

Hey readers,

It is January and like everyone, I guess there is a desire to get your home in some sort of order.

 Maybe because of Christmas and having more stuff the desire to get more organised. 

Do not fear as you don't need to spend a fortune because the beloved Poundland has come to the rescue with their cheap but very good storage solutions.

I have chosen 5 of the best buys that can pick up today without breaking the bank. 

1. Multi-coloured Desk Organiser - £2.00.

Multi-coloured Desk Organiser

I love putting things in their separate compartments and this little nifty desk organiser is brilliant. 

I like the idea that it comes with different size storage boxes. I also like the funky design, certainly will brighten a grey January day at your desk. 

The storage is great for paper, sticky notes, pens. Also, this desk organiser comes in black and white. 

2. Peg Board - £2.00. 

Peg Board

I know these pegboards are popular on Instagram but they are a pretty cool way of organising and displaying an area that you work in.

 What I do like about these pegboards is that you can personalise and create your own unique look. 

You can add pegs and pots to put your items in, however, these items are sold separately.

 They are great to store important items and ideal for uni, in the bedroom or even in the kitchen. 

3. Storage box - £2.00. 
Multi-coloured Storage Box 12L

How lovely are these 12-litre storage box, they are a good size and with the patterned boxes can make a room vibrant. 

The boxes are ideal for paperwork and bits and bobs that you have lying about to help you get organised and keep the place tidy. 

4. Clothing rail - £5.00. 

Clothing Rail

It is amazing what you can buy in Poundland now. This helpful storage solution is handy for students or someone wanting to have only a few items on a rail.

It is also said to be crease-free as well which is a bonus. 

5. Black and white hanging organiser - £2.00. 

Black and White Hanging 16 Pocket Organiser

This is a brilliant way to save space with this 16 pocket organiser that can hang behind the door. 

This is perfect for the bedroom or bathroom and is easily accessible.

 You don't just have to put shoes in but other small items such as umbrellas or important objects. This item does also come in grey. 

Have you tried any Poundland new storage range? Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Cheers for reading X 

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  1. I love poundland, what ever did we do before it came along? #stayclassymama@_karendennis199@gmail is

  2. Poundland is awesome! I went in for one of those peg boards but they had sold out! Great finds :) x

  3. I miss Poundland so much! I always reflect how you never really get the importance of storage until you have children - they come with so much stuff! #PoCoLo

  4. I love Poundland for storage. We bought some fantastic 60L crates in their after Christmas for storing Christmas stuff. Reasonably priced and do the job well. #StayClassyMama

  5. I like the peg board. I could do with that in my craft area. #mmbc

  6. Ohh! I do love Poundland. The Multi-coloured Desk Organiser is gorgeous. What great ideas x

  7. I love the peg board and I will need to purchase a new drying rack as I'm moving to the UK next week and will ahve to get used to clothes taking longer to dry. Thank you for sharing with #pocolo

  8. Really love the peg board! Daisy would love this for her art collections #stayclassymama

  9. Ooh I'm quite keen on that peg board especially as you can customise it. Our storage solutions never seem to be enough, we have too much stuff! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  10. I love Poundland. Sadly we don't have one near us. I do like that peg board though. Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama sorry it's a late comment.