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Ways to stay warm in winter.

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During the winter period, it can be very cold - in and outside of the home. I here am some ways that I have found helpful to stay warm during the winter months.

Firstly let's look at keeping your self-warm when you go outside. I think the key element is to focus on your laying of clothing and making sure you have the right garments for the temperature outside.

Maintaining Heat.

It is important to maintain your temperature so doing things to keep warm such as using a hot water bottle in bed. Making sure that you have at least one hot meal a day.  Having a hot drink is a quick way to keep warm at home.

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Stay active.

Another way to stay warm is by moving about and being active. It is recommended that you get up every hour to move about and get the blood circulating which will, in turn, help keep you warm. Doing moderate exercise can also help keep warm, even if it is doing some situps or wall pushes this will help towards staying warm during winter.

The layering of clothes.

So this could be wearing long sleeve and trouser pyjamas at night or even wearing a dressing gown and bed socks. Having cotton, silk or wool will be more warming as opposed to synthetic materials.  You can also have a top under a top and check out thermal clothing to give that extra layer of warmth.
When going outside have suitable footwear, socks, hats, gloves and jumpers will keep you cosy in the harsh winter weather outside. The good thing is if you are getting hot from walking you can remove the layer and vice versa putting back on the garment when you are getting cold.


A great tip for keeping warm at winter is making sure that you are on top of the weather forecast and knowing what the weather of the day will be like. This then prepares you for what the weather is like outside so you can wear suitable clothing and if the weather is bad to consider going out at all. Also if you drive you will be conscious of what the roads will be like and if you have the right tools to make sure that car is good enough to see out of when driving.

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Blankets are a Godsend during the winter as they keep you warm - especially with a hot water bottle underneath when you are in the living room watching TV or reading a book. plus they keep you cosy when it is cold and dark outside.


A brilliant product you can purchase is hand and feet warmers. Feet warmers are designed to stick on your feet and once open can last up to 8 hours. With hand warmers, you hold them in your hands and they give off heat. Perfect if you are working outdoors or just being outside a long time in the cold weather.

Insulate your home.

When at home making sure that your home is insulated by closing the doors and curtains and when the sunshine is out to open curtains to the let the sunshine heat warm a room up. Seal gaps that let the cold air in it


If your cold in your home try talking a hot bath or shower to warm your skin up and then get into some cosy pyjamas.


seal gaps that let cold air into the room with draft excluders or weather strip around the windows.

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